12 Awful Signs that Indicate Wake-up Calls for a Moving Scam

The packers and movers business is one of the most fraudulent industries in the world. The stakes are high in this business. Due to this reason you have to be cautious when you sense something off with the moving company. Here is a list of the 12 awful signs that indicate wake-up calls for a moving scam:

1. No legal documents

When you approach a moving company to book them for your house shifting from Indore, you should consider checking their legal documents. Every registered packers and mover have a few compulsory credentials like their trade license, GST registration certificate, and company PAN card. If the moving company is unable to produce its legal credentials, they are prone to be fraudulent. So, don’t waste your time on a company that does not have its legal documents.

2. Absence of IBA authorisation certificate

IBA is the abbreviated form of “Indian Banks’ Approved.” Every authentic packers and movers service providers and logistics companies have an IBA authorisation certificate. As you verify the legal credentials of the packers and movers, check if they have an IBA authorisation certificate or not. Do not proceed with a moving company without an IBA authorisation certificate.

3. Non-existence of a registered office

The first interaction you have with a moving company is either through a phone call or through an email followed by a telephonic conversation. In either case, you haven’t seen the office of the packers and movers. So, plan a visit to the office of the moving company without letting them know about it. See if they have a proper establishment or not. If the moving company does not have a registered office, you cannot rely on its legitimacy. If they have a proper office, you should observe how they handle their potential customers.

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4. Unwilling to provide cost quotations in writing

Every authentic moving company will conduct a pre-move survey and provide you with their cost quotation. If the moving company tries to escape providing quotations in writing and asks you to close the deal based on word of mouth, you should take it as a wake-up call. Do not entertain these companies.

5. Accepting only cash payments

It is the era of digitalisation. All the payments at present time are done through e-wallets through net banking. The FMCG outlets, vegetable and fruit vendors, and several service providers use the digital medium of transaction. If a moving company does not accept digital payments and forces you to pay in cash, do not proceed with them.

6. Asking for a lump sum advance

When you book the packers and movers in Indore for your move, it is customary to pay an advance amount as a confirmation of the booking. But this amount is not more than 10% to 12% of the total moving charges. If your moving company asks you for a lump sum amount as an advance for the booking, you should refuse to go ahead with them any further.

7. Unwilling to provide an invoice in writing

When you pay the advance payment, a genuine moving company will give you an invoice in exchange which will be in writing. They will not give you a verbal confirmation of the payment. But if you find that the packers and movers are unwilling to provide the invoice in writing, you should feel cynical about the company.

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Moving vehicles without any label

As you consider visiting the moving company office in person, you should not only verify their credentials and office registration but also their moving vehicles. Ask the authorities of the company to show you their moving vehicles. If you see that the vehicles are not up to the mark, ask them to provide you with good quality vehicles. But if you find that the vehicles are of good quality, but are not labelled, consider it a major setback. A legit moving company will have their moving vehicles with their company name and logo on the surface of the moving vehicles.

Unrealistic discounts

Moving companies offer discounts. There are discounts in the off-season to attract customers. Some of the companies also offer early-bird discounts. But if you find that a shifting company is offering you unrealistic discounts, you should be aware of severe foul play in this case. It is one of the most common baits used by fraudulent companies to lure gullible customers into their trap. You will be scammed if you get lured by the bait.

Every moving company has a basic cost to bear with each customer dealing. There is the cost of the packing materials, labour cost, and cost of fuel for transportation, road taxes, and maintenance costs. NO shifting company will incur losses and provide discounts to the customers. Therefore, be alert when you see unrealistic discounts.

Escape clauses in moving insurance papers

Every shifting company offers you the scope of availing of moving insurance. There are clauses in the insurance papers and you should go through the lines thoroughly. Make sure that there are no escape clauses in the papers. Moving insurance is meant to offer safety to your goods on the go. Therefore, you should be careful while dealing with the safety of your goods.

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Sketchy details on the internet

This is the era of promotion and publicity. Every company and every brand wants to promote itself so that more customers are aware of their company or brand. But if a moving company is listed on the internet and hasn’t provided any details with clarity, you should be alarmed about the company. Do not contact them in the first place.

Being impatient

This part of the damage can be controlled by you. The moving company may be fraudulent or genuine but you have to be patient about choosing the right one. You have to follow a standard procedure for it. You need to ask the experts in the industry for recommendations. They will provide you with verified recommendations by sending you the details of the 3 best moving companies in your area. You need to call them for a pre-move survey and get their cost estimates. You have to compare their prices and choose the company that offers you the best services at least prices.

If you do not abide by the process and choose any random moving company that you come across, you will be making a blunder. You can land up with a fraudulent company and get scammed. This will be due to your negligence. So, be careful and patient as you choose the shifting company.


Being a victim of a moving scam is one of the most terrible experiences you can ever have. You will be losing your money and your belongings at the same time. So, you have to be alert whenever you suspect the above-mentioned 12 awful signs that indicate wake-up calls for a moving scam. Good luck!

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