8 Fun Monkey Games To Play

Because some of the behaviors and characteristics that monkeys exhibit are similar to those of humans, many people find them to be fascinating. Because of this, people often see them in a variety of movies, TV programs, and even video games, in addition to dogs and cats. One of the often utilized animals in video games is the monkey. As a result, several video games include monkeys as minor or major characters, or even the primary character and gameplay. These monkey games are well-liked in and of themselves.

You’ve come to the perfect article if you like playing fun monkey games. Here, we’ll go through the top monkey games available right now.


Jungle Monkey Run 2 is currently one of the most entertaining video games with monkeys that you can play right now. The game is an action platformer in which you take control of a monkey and travel between two islands, each of which has a variety of unique stages. Throughout the course of your journey, you will be confronted with a wide variety of tasks and difficulties, all of which must be conquered before you may continue. You shouldn’t be concerned since there will be power-ups along the way to help you out. Keep in mind that while you are on your expedition, you should try to gather as many bananas as possible. It’s a fun and engaging game that you’ll probably look forward to playing again and again.

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Did you know that balloons and monkeys don’t go well together? Well, in Bloons Pop they don’t. It’s a casual puzzle game where you help the monkeys pop all of the bloons who have caused chaos in monkey town. At each level, there’s a certain number of bloons that you can pop. And you will have different monkeys to use to help you pop the bloons. Each monkey will have a unique skill you can use to pop the bloons. It’s a simple but really fun game to play Blob Opera that you won’t regret downloading.

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Another fun monkey game you can play is Wall Kickers. It’s an action game where you get to experience the thrill of parkour. But instead of moving forward while jumping on obstacles, you jump wall to wall and get to the top. Of course, there will still be various obstacles you’ll deal with along the way. So, you have to be good at timing your jump so you don’t hit these obstacles when you jump from wall to wall. It’s a fun game that also features other characters you can enjoy.

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Here’s another bloons vs monkey game, it’s called Bloons TD Battles 2. But instead of a puzzle game where you just eliminate bloons, this game is a strategy tower defense. Therefore, the bloons will be trying to attack monkey town and you must do your best to stop them. You will have different monkeys at your disposal with each one possessing unique attacks. Like with any TD game, you also have to upgrade your monkey to make them stronger. It’s an interesting and exciting game that you will enjoy if you love playing strategy games.

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One of the strong qualities that people believe monkeys to have is that they’re good at swinging from tree to tree. Well, at least the developers of Benji Bananas do. It’s an adventure game where you get to explore various locations while collecting bananas along the way. What’s interesting is that you do this while swinging from vine to vine. The game features realistic physics, so it provides a bit of a challenge. But that doesn’t take away from the overall fun gaming experience this game provides.

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Banana Kong is yet another action platformer about monkeys that you may play and have fun with. It’s a game where you run to avoid the avalanche of bananas chasing you. As you run, you also try to collect bananas along the way and avoid obstacles that can slow you down or stop you in your tracks. However, in contrast to the typical running game, this one is a side-scrolling one, so all you have to do to dodge obstacles is jump. Although it is easy to learn and entertaining to play, the game is very difficult to master.

Banana Kong Swinging


Do you believe you have the skills necessary to sling monkeys? Then you should try your hand at Sling Kong. It’s an action game, but even if there’s not a lot of fighting or shooting, there’s still enough of bloodshed to go around. You have to use a slingshot to attempt to get the monkey to the top of the tree. There will be things that you can grab onto in order to assist you in climbing up. But you need to watch out for the dangerous obstacles along the path since they will lead to a humorous conclusion for you. It’s a game that not only keeps you interested but also keeps you on your toes. Because of the novelty and difficulty of the game, you should not be shocked if you find that you can’t stop playing it after you’ve started.

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King Tongue is the last of the classic monkey games. In this arcade game, you get to be the primatological monarch. You’re fighting the Banana King and his horde of banana soldiers. You’ll be doing a lot of acrobatics, including leaping and swinging to cover great distances. There will be plenty of action, including plenty of punching bananas. Your tongue is your most effective weapon in this situation. The game becomes harder the farther you go. The good news is that you’ll be able to get reinforcements to aid you in your fight against the Banana monarch in Bananaland.

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Which of the Monkey Games Do You Like Most?

There are a ton more entertaining monkey games available. But if you want to start appreciating the banana-loving animal, the one on this list is a fantastic place to start.

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