Age Of War Hacks – Learn the 5 Best Tips

Want to play the game Age of War? Keep reading this great book about the Arctic! Let's figure out how to win Age of War!

Let’s figure out how to win the Age of War!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Then, the alarm bell starts to ring loudly to let you know that enemies have gotten into your territory and are coming in full force.

There’s a hole in the North End perimeter. No, this isn’t a scene from The Walking Dead. Instead, it is a sequence from a tower defense game for mobile devices.

It’s not easy to defend your position and keep your towers safe. As you fire aimlessly at enemies until you run out of bullets, more enemies keep coming. With just one shot from the enemy, you are dead.

You lose your last life, and that’s the end of the game.

Mobile tower defense games require a well-thought-out plan, which is why they are called “strategic defense games.” The tournaments can be won in two ways. First, play Solo Challenges for 3–5 minutes and learn a few tips and tricks from your opponent that you can use to beat them in their game. Second, use the tips below to come up with a surprise for your strongest competitor.

How does Age of War Games work?

A tower defense game, also called a TD game, is a type of strategy game in which one player protects a place or certain goods from the enemy by stopping them from getting there. This kind of video game doesn’t force players to use real castles and towers. Instead, it gives them a choice of how to play.

Some tower defense games are single-player, but others are multiplayer, cooperative, or player-versus-player (PvP). Some of the best tower defense games can keep moving at a good pace and stay interesting as they go on.

In TD games, players can stop or slow down the enemy players by putting towers with weapons on the battlefield.

In tower defense games, your goal is to attack other players’ territories or objects by defending yourself from enemies and staking your claim on the ground. Not everyone likes tower defense games, but for some gamers, they are the best type of game.

Of course, tower games are more exciting and hard because they are more focused. The tower defense genre is full of treasures, just like the strategy game genre.

How to Hack Age Of War Game with 5 Helpful Tips

Don’t worry, we didn’t break into the game. But we did figure out how to beat any mobile tower defense game like a pro with some tricks and tips.

#Tip 1: Always read the instructions.

Yes, it is boring to read through an instruction manual. Most of the time, people just jump right into the Age of War game. But this won’t help you quickly get good at a strategic defense game. Games in this genre aren’t as easy to master as hyper-casual games or racing games. There are a lot of different parts to these games. Take a minute to read the manual online instead of using up your ammunition and extra lives. You can find little tips and tricks that will help you stay alive longer.

#2: Look around, learn, and remember

It is normal to know who you are up against. In the same way, when you go somewhere new, look around and figure out how to get in and out. There may be a lot to keep in mind. To win any mobile game, whether it’s a hyper-casual game or a tower defense game, you have to pay attention to the smallest details. Most of all, you should remember them.

Not every strategic defense game is easy to understand. But paying close attention to every little thing in the game will help you move forward. You might also find some unique tools and clues that could help you defend your position better in the future.

#3: Choose your defensive towers with care.

In mobile Age of War tower defense games, you build and place towers to keep enemies out of your territory. Here, you need a plan for where to put the towers on the game map so they can hit more than one target at once. Plan how to make and build your defensive fortress.

If you use short-range towers and put them near places where the game map turns, you can easily kill a lot of enemies at once. Most of the time, towers with a long range are put in the middle of the ground so they can shoot as far as possible.

You might also be able to choose special towers that have their own abilities. Your best weapons are these towers. For example, if you use poison towers at the start of the game, it’s easy to kill your targets right away.

#4: Keep improving your towers.

Remember to improve your towers! You can win a strategic defense game level by making their range bigger. When you choose to improve a slow tower, you will be rewarded, especially if your enemies can be hurt by that tower. As you go along, you may need to change your plans, such as choosing between quality and quantity. If your opponent has a strong defense, you need to improve your own defense as well. Here, it’s better to defend yourself with one strong tower than with several weaker ones. You’ll get better at these tricks over time, of course. Now we’ll talk about the last tip of the day.

#Tip 5: Practice makes perfect.

It takes time to learn how to defend yourself using the art of war. To win a strategic defense game, you have to keep practicing. There are no easy ways to be successful, and there are no easy ways to win these games. The only way to get better is to work on your skills and get better at them.

Cloud-based mobile gaming platforms like ONMO are great for casual esports players because they offer Risk-free Tournaments. Before they play against other people, players can practice as much as they want.


It might sound like fun to crush candies. But nothing beats the fun of coming up with plans and beating up enemies. Only a tower defense board game like Defense Zone 2 and others can give you complete satisfaction. The more levels you beat, the better you get, so practice and keep getting better. If you like tower defense games, you can make money by playing them on cloud gaming platforms for mobile devices like ONMO. There’s nothing to download. Why are you still waiting? Try out any tower defense board game to get better at fighting.

Hope this post can help!

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