Author: blockchaincouncil

The Ways Metaverse Might Influence Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency and the metaverse share a notable connection, both integral elements of the third generation of the internet, often referred to as “web3.” This new phase follows the development of the World Wide Web and social media, introducing immersive experiences through virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) in 3D environments. As we’ve witnessed with […]

Top 10 Career Options in AI, Data Science

Artificial intelligence has transformed numerous industries in recent years, offering unprecedented opportunities for the future. From space exploration to melanoma detection, AI has revolutionized sectors and demonstrated its transformative potential. Consequently, there is a surging demand for AI and Data Science professionals, with LinkedIn identifying artificial intelligence practitioners as one of the fastest-growing job categories […]

Web3 and DeFi: The Financial Revolution of the Future

In this new era of technology and a rapid-paced economy, more and more companies are adopting new modes of payment. And with the coming of the latest technologies like web3, professionals with DeFi training are making payment more and more secure for companies with the help of blockchain technology. With web3 classes, professionals are changing […]

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