Author: Mickael

Personal Online Reputation Management: Significance And Development

Most of us have Googled ourselves at some point in life and been surprised to see results with links back to private social media profiles or old blogs bylined with our names. Such searches show others can see your digital imprint; thus it is wise to maintain effective Personal Online Reputation Management strategies in order […]

The Advantages Of Collaborating With A Media Relations Agency For Your Business:

Most of the time, when you hear the term “Media Relations,” a television commercial comes to mind. Now that they are more clearly recognized, media relations’ main objectives. There is no way to escape this advertising, in contrast to those seen on YouTube or through conventional transmission. Public relations and Media Relations commonly collaborate despite […]

You Can Use These Suggestions And Learn How To Remove Negative Articles From Google

It typically goes without saying that technology is a major part of modern civilization, and as that technology advances. More and more people have access to the internet. This suggests that in order to save your online reputation. You should remove from Google any negative article that was produce by another author. Targets your name […]

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