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lung cancer therapeutics market will expand at a 8.74% CAGR

Cancer is a genetic disease that occurs due to abnormal cell growth. Lung cancer is the common cause of cancer death globally. Persistent Cough, Shortness of Breath, Body Pain, Repeated Respiratory Infections, Fatigue, Blood Clots, and Sudden Weight Loss are some of the symptoms of lung cancer. The global lung cancer therapeutics market size in […]

Precision medicine market: growth drivers, and regional analysis

Precision medicine is a sophisticated approach to patient care and treatment. It involves selecting the right medication for patients by analyzing their genetics and understanding their disease. Precision medicine is a new method for treating and preventing diseases that considers a person’s unique genetic makeup as well as their environment, lifestyle, and other factors. Doctors […]

Growth drivers of Remote patient monitoring device market

The usage of remote patient monitoring devices enables the digital recording and electronic transmission of a patient’s medical data from a single location to healthcare professionals in other locations for analysis and recommendations. Blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, heart rates, electrocardiograms, and blood sugar levels are a few of the medical data the monitoring devices […]

Micro irrigation systems market will surpass USD 10.29 billion

Modern irrigation techniques such as micro-irrigation use emitters to water crops below the surface of the ground and irrigation systems that use small streams as water sources. In a micro irrigation system, water is given directly to the plant’s roots to provide moisture, maximize output, and reduce waste.  The market for micro irrigation systems in […]

Growth analysis of air compressor market forecast period 2021-30

An air compressor compresses air at atmospheric pressure and releases it at a greater pressure. Air compressors utilize compressed air, which is generated by increasing the air pressure, to power a variety of tasks. The petroleum, chemical, manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, electricity, and construction industries employ air compressors extensively. Air compressors are utilized in […]

Electric motor market forecast period 2021-2030

Electric motors are electro-automated processes that work with electromagnetic induction because they are highly effective and long-lasting. The extensive use of electric motors in automotive, agricultural, and industrial sectors stimulates market growth. Electric motors are utilized in sectors including consumer products, transportation, construction, healthcare, and agriculture. Other market-driving elements include rising demand for HVAC applications, […]

Detailed insights into sports medicine market forecast period 2021

The prevention & treatment of injuries resulting from sports and exercise are the focus of the medical specialty known as sports medicine. Several goods and services, including implants, arthroscopy equipment, orthopedic braces and supports, and joint reconstruction solutions, are available in the sports medicine sector. In 2021, the market for sports medicine was USD 6.90 […]

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