Centricity EHR vs AthenaHealth EHR: 2023 Comprehensive Comparison!

Centricity EHR vs AthenaHealth EHR: 2023 Comprehensive Comparison!

The Centricity vs AthenaHealth tussle comprises two EHR systems that healthcare practitioners have frequently evaluated while making their decision.

Clinicians may require guidance selecting Centricity EHR vs AthenaHealth due to the systems’ significantly divergent services in the field of health care. Furthermore, finding an EHR choice that suits the intended clinical reasons is important since every medical center has distinctive clinical requirements. So Centricity vs AthenaHealth will be compared in order to assist you in picking the EHR platform that best suits your clinic’s needs.

You can make a competent choice by considering our comprehensive and up-to-date comparison of Centricity vs AthenaHealth.

Centricity EHR Software:

Centricity EHR Software has been deemed by many experts and professionals in the healthcare business to be the best choice for optimizing and enhancing treatment for patients. There are a lot of useful tools and capabilities built into Centricity EHR Software, offering an automated range of solutions. Your office is about to become more efficient and productive.

With the Centricity EHR Software, doctors may assess their health status in relation to that of their peers throughout the country and provide individualized reports that put patients first. This helps build the foundation for a sustainable healthcare system in the area. With Centricity EHR Software, hospitals can easily perform compensation surveys and annual reviews of staff.

Cardiology, electrophysiology, and other medical specialties may benefit from its application. The Centricity EHR Software, as advertised by GE Healthcare, enables patients to collaborate with a network of world-class hospitals and physicians. Centricity EHR Software provides patients access to complete medical records, including testing results, appointment details, prescription renewal requests, and more.

AthenaHealth EHR Software:

AthenaHealth EHR Software is a cloud-based electronic health record system that offers the healthcare industry full clinical and administrative functionality. Its integrated services reduce administrative duties and increase clinic efficiency.

AthenaHealth EHR Software’s adaptability makes it useful in a variety of settings, including primary care, specialty care, and hospital treatment for inpatients. It can be utilized by any medical institution, from small private practices to large university hospitals.

Optimizing revenues, RCM, and mitigating staffing shortages are just a few of the goals of the integrated and unified software services provided by AthenaHealth EHR Software for clinicians.

With its cloud-based EHR networks, PM, portal, intuitive integration, and comprehensive billing assistance, AthenaHealth EHR Software provides one of the best advantageous EHR solutions for doctors.

Furthermore, AthenaHealth EHR Software is the undisputed leader in ambulatory electronic health record (EMR) and practice management software (athenaDX) according to the Best KLAS ranks for 2023.

Centricity vs AthenaHealth Advantages:

Centricity EHR Software Advantages:

  • Centricity EHR Software has been lauded for its capacity to ease the design and implementation of electronic medical records, particularly in patient data management, time savings, and productivity. Once that’s done, the team may shift its focus to more far-reaching objectives, like reorganizing its customer service.
  • With the help of the handwriting and speech recognition features of the Centricity EHR Software, analyzing information is made simpler. Centricity EHR Software is flexible enough to be tailored to your clinic’s needs, allowing for more efficient patient communication.
  • By submitting prescriptions electronically, doctors may alert pharmacies when more medication is needed and, using patient data, can highlight potential drug interactions. Patients can save time and money by submitting their prescription refill requests electronically with Centricity EHR Software. Centricity EHR Software makes it easier to track medications, decreasing the likelihood of allergic drug interactions.
  • Clients of Centricity EHR Software have access to a variety of imaging choices. Help for organizing X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs is provided by radiological imaging. Cardiology imaging, meanwhile, offers resources for handling and analyzing cardiac pictures, including ECGs. Imaging techniques for various purposes, such as fluoroscopy, surgical imaging, mammography, and invasive cardiology, are also available.

AthenaHealth EHR Software Advantages:

  • AthenaHealth EHR Software raises its users’ settlement percentages and profitability by removing mistakes from submitted insurance claims. Small and medium-sized healthcare providers (SMBs) may benefit financially from the platform due to its high return on investment (ROI).
  • The AthenaHealth EHR Software can aid physicians in improving their operations through its report production, performance measurement monitoring, and data analysis tools. Medical charts, data, medications, allergies, and test outcomes may all be viewed and updated in real-time by doctors using this program.
  • AthenaHealth EHR Software’s numerous features are meant to work together for the user’s benefit, from patient record keeping to arranging appointments and billing to care coordination. Users may find managing multiple parts of patient care easier using this consolidated platform.
  • AthenaHealth EHR Software is intuitive and simple because of its plain layout. It’s simple to navigate and locate certain content. AthenaHealth EHR Software offers a wide variety of modifiable features and resources.

Centricity vs AthenaHealth Pricing:

Centricity Pricing:

Unofficial reports place the per-provider price tag for Centricity EHR Software anywhere from $90 to $1,000, although this official cost has not been made public; official pricing is available at request. Centricity EHR Software is a one-time charge, so plan accordingly. Support from their team and some additional features are available for an annual fee. In addition, a Centricity demo is available upon request if you’re eager to learn the ins and outs of the system in advance.

AthenaHealth Pricing:

As with the program’s official price, AthenaHealth pricing is not available without first contacting a vendor. In addition, a provider like Software Finder may help you to save money by offering completely customized pricing based on your relevant needs.

Centricity vs AthenaHealth Reviews:

Centricity Reviews:

The software, Centricity EHR Software is well-liked by its customers because of its comprehensive analysis of patient data in various care settings. Many users also like the system’s flexible integration options. Users additionally like the software’s adaptability and ability to be personalized.

AthenaHealth Reviews:

Numerous users have praised AthenaHealth for its intuitive interface. AthenaHealth EHR Software has also been praised for its user-friendliness in the clinical report-generation field; specifically, users have applauded the program for how quickly and simply reports can be generated and adjusted to meet the needs of physicians. Customers have also mentioned their satisfactory experience with its customer support. Its RCM functionality is also well-recognized. Due to its high price and broad feature set, some evaluations have suggested that only larger medical centers should consider AthenaHealth.

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