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Discover the various specialties in which our clinics in Dubai excel. We take pride in integrating the most modern advancements in medical technology with a carefully selected team of doctors, surgeons, and medical specialists.

Services in Dubai Saudi College Hospital at Dubai’s German Hospital UAE Medical Aviation Medicine

hospitals in Dubai with state-of-the-art cardiovascular facilities Saudi College Hospital at Dubai’s German Hospital Dubai Medical UAE URGENT CARE 24/ 7

Bariatric surgery and obesity

Facilities for Obesity and Bariatrics in Dubai Saudi College Hospital at Dubai’s German Hospital Modern medical facilities in Dubai ENDOCRINOLOGY UAE Medical Saudi College Hospital at Dubai’s German Hospital Dubai’s UAE Medical Orthopaedic Center

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Take a virtual tour of Valiant Clinic & Hospital Dubai to learn more about the dedicated, hand-selected team of specialists, doctors, and surgeons eager to provide patients with top-notch standards and healthcare facilities in the Middle East committed to patient comfort and well-being.

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Saudi Arabia’s Emirate of the Arabs German Hospital the modern technology in Dubai

Working Together With Key Medical Insurance Providers

As a Dubai hospital with a board-certified hand-selected group of expert professionals committed to patient satisfaction, we work with the top health insurance providers in the country.

Saudi Arabian Emirate of the Arabs German Hospital Dubai advertisement blah technology

An Institution in Dubai Committed to Your Health and Well-Being

The vast array of medical specializations and services provided by Valiant Clinic & Hospital are designed to meet both the needs of the local community and an individual’s own health and general well-being.

At our hospital in Dubai, we put a lot of effort into utilizing the most recent advancements in modern medical technology to positively impact our neighborhood. Every day is an opportunity to enhance our aim of making sure we remain their top choice for a hospital in Dubai. As a vibrant and forward-thinking city, Dubai offers a wide selection of high-quality healthcare solutions for our patients.

Thanks to specialized inpatient and outpatient facilities that are well-equipped and staffed by a hand-picked team of specialists, doctors, and surgeons, we can assist with a wide range of patient care, from surgery for less complicated outpatient procedures to more complicated inpatient procedures that we can cater for via our rooms and VIP inpatient rooms.

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Stress’s Effects on Heart Health

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Reputable cardiologists employing cutting-edge technologies explain what diet can do for mental health.

Cardiologists on our professional team in Dubai are dedicated to giving patients with cardiovascular diseases and disorders the best care attainable. We’ve invested a lot in employing the most latest advancements in medical technology at our hospital in Dubai to help with diagnosis and treatment.

The cutting-edge Philips Azurion C12 with a cutting-edge 12″ flat detector and a Carto® 3 System is installed in our cath lab and clinical suite. These devices contain sophisticated imaging technology that enables diagnostic physicians to learn more by creating three-dimensional (3d) maps of a patient’s cardiac structures in real-time using the most recent breakthroughs in electromagnetic technology.


Dubai Has Modern Medical Facilities Saudi hospital run by Germans Dubai College’s UAE Medical Center

The Best Hospital in Dubai Modern Medical Services Selection Hospital with Medical Services in Thumbay Saudi hospital run by Germans Dubai’s Best in the World Our orthopedic doctors in Dubai are experts in joint replacement, including knee and hip replacement. Zulekha Hospital also offers sports medicine. Our focus on sports medicine supports our innovative medical techniques. Our sports medicine team is dedicated to giving a variety of patients, including both amateur and professional athletes, the finest care possible.

One benefit of being a multispecialty hospital is having easy access to a plethora of expertise from other medical disciplines. Thanks to specialist facilities that include the most recent in robotic medical innovation, high-resolution imaging, and resonance scanners, we have the ability to make the correct diagnosis swiftly, decreasing the length of the treatment and recovery process. With our top-notch medical facilities and wellness packages, we are dedicated to patients’ comfort and provide the best standards in the Middle East.

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