Created Mobile Versions of Their Most Successful Arcade Dave And Busters Games

Dave And Busters Games

Three new mobile games based on some of Dave And Busters Games most famous arcade games were released today, cementing Dave & Buster’s as the go-to spot for entertainment, food, and friends.

These smartphone games represent a first for Dave And Busters Games allowing customers to play in the virtual world and earn real world rewards. Players may earn tickets by playing games, and those tickets can then be redeem for prizes at any Dave and Buster’s location in the United States or Canada that accepts the Power Card. Toys, video games, and even gaming consoles and iPads are just some of the prizes up for grabs.  The games may be download on both iOS and Android systems.

Dave And Busters Games speed of light for mobile devices, are all based on popular games at Dave ans Buster’s arcades. The development teams improved upon the arcade-styled fun by including new elements in the mobile games, tweaking them for a smaller screen, and including the technology that enables players to acquire tickets and transfer them straight to their Power Card.

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Providing a Virtual Experience

According to Kevin Bachus, senior vice president of entertainment and gaming strategy, we wanted to enhance our in-store experience by providing a virtual experience. Now, customers can continue the good times they had at Dave and Buster’s even when they’re not here.  They can get free tickets to use toward rewards on their next visit by downloading our brand new mobile games.

Multi-Platform Gaming Destination

These innovative new games for Dave And Busters Games were develop under the direction of video game industry veteran Kevin Bachus. Former Microsoft Xbox console designer David Bachus joined a Dallas-based restaurant chain in 2012 to transform the in-house arcade into a multi-platform gaming destination.

Perfect Place to Watch a Game

The Dallas, Texas-based Dave And Busters Games, Inc. runs 76 high-volume, multi-venue Dave and Buster’s restaurants and entertainment centers in the Americas. In addition to the newest games and attractions, Dave and Buster’s is known for its extensive menu of delicious food and drinks. Here, visitors may try their hand at some of the most cutting-edge simulators and skill games in the world. A lively sports bar with enormous televisions is also available at Dave and Buster’s, making it the perfect place to watch a game.

High-Quality Mobile Solutions for Gaming

Dave And Busters Games is a leading provider of mobility solutions for both Fortune 500 companies and cutting-edge startups. Robosoft has been developing software for businesses, consumers, and game developers for than twenty years, with a portfolio that includes over 1,400 programs. Robosoft is an innovative company with talented designers and engineers that make high-quality mobile solutions for gaming companies and enterprise clients.

Offers Portable Arcades

Mobile adaptations of in-store games are being developed with the goal of boosting store foot traffic and brand recognition. Dave And Busters Games has introduced mobile versions of three of its most popular arcade games for cellphones in a bid to improve foot traffic and return customers. The company with its headquarters in Dallas runs 76 restaurant-entertainment complexes across the country. The company says that its clients have the opportunity to win real-world benefits by participating in virtual smartphone games.

Games may be Downloaded on Both Systems

In an interview with Nation’s Restaurant News published on Friday, Kevin Bachus, Dave And Busters Games senior vice president of entertainment and gaming strategy, said the chain was looking to broaden its definition of entertainment. Almost all of our customers bring their smartphones with them when they shop with us. Bachus, who has worked at Dave and Buster’s for around 2.5 years in his current role, remark on how this improvement to the entertainment experience has been receive.

Including New Features

According to Dave And Busters Games the development teams improved upon the classic arcade experience by including new features, optimizing the games for a smaller screen. Incorporating the technology that allows players to collect tickets and transfer them directly to the D&B Power Card. Which is used to play the games at its locations. At Dave & Buster’s locations, patrons may purchase Power Cards at the front counter kiosks and fill them with varying amounts of money.

The Game’s Speed of Light Display

Dave And Busters Games Bachus mentioned that famous mobile app titles like Fruit Ninja, Bull Run, and Candy Crush Saga have been accessible in actual arcade form for a number of years now. According to Bachus, Big Bass Wheel was by far the most popular game at Dave and Buster’s arcades. Bachus also mentioned that bringing the game to cellphones helped boost the company’s reputation.

Pleasing and Easy Way

Customers have the option of using the devices to select between conventional paper tickets and electronic tickets that are load into a Power Card. These electronic tickets have the advantage of being able to be redeem at a later time or collect across multiple visits to the same location or app. As Bachus put it, a lot of people would like to utilize that form of card swiping since it is less complicated and has a more aesthetically pleasant appearance.

Visitors Utilize Power Cards

According to Bachus, Dave And Busters Games will evaluate the performance of their app based on the number of downloads and the number of weekly and monthly users, among other metrics. What makes this an experiment of its own kind is that we are looking to see if it has an impact on the number of visits or the amounts guests spend in the stores. Many visitors utilize Power Cards as a one-time disposable. We believe this will increase the value of each Power Card and enable us to better monitor customer traffic by having tickets link directly to the card.

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