Dressing in Indian Wear: Style Tips for Men to Rock Different Occasions

ethnic wear for men

Mastering the art of ethnic wear for men becomes easy when you know how to style yourself correctly. Once you have the basic styling rules down, you must embrace the latest trends while staying true to your taste. To help you shop for Indian ethnic wear effortlessly, let’s see some valuable styling tips to consider.

Elevate Your Style with Sherwani for Weddings and Formal Events

When it comes to Indian wear for men, the sherwani reigns supreme, exuding a royal and elegant aura for any special occasion. As fashion designers constantly experiment with fresh ideas, sherwani designs evolve, offering great looks for your ensemble. Let’s explore some trending sherwani designs in 2021.

  • Sherwani Dupatta: Adding a Refreshing Twist

While the sherwani is super stylish, adding a dupatta brings a refreshing touch to your ethnic look. Pair your sherwani with bottoms like churidar, dhoti, or pajama, and drape a dupatta with poise. This combination completes your outfit and adds an edge to your grand appearance. Celebrities have also embraced the sherwani-dupatta style, further enhancing its popularity.

  • Sherwani with Dhoti: The Indo-Western Fusion

The Indo-Western sherwani with dhoti perfectly blends Western and Indian fashion, exuding class and elegance. This unmatched combination adds charm to your ensemble, making it a preferred groomsman’s choice. Embrace this unique and unparalleled look to impress and stand out in traditional clothing. 

  • Angrakha Style Sherwani: Regal and Majestic

The Angrakha style sherwani is in high demand among soon-to-be grooms, offering a unique look to their ensemble. This style, adorned with a jacket and flared from the waist down, exudes a majestic and Maharaja-like charm. It encompasses every element that elevates your attire, surpassing the impact of any other accessories.

  • The Elegant Appeal of Jodhpuri Suits

The Jodhpuri suit, synonymous with designer Raghavendra Rathore’s heritage style, is an essential component of the modern formal dress for men. It is an Elegant, definitive, and undeniably powerful outfit suitable for formal occasions such as wedding receptions and business meetings. The sharp silhouettes of Jodhpuri suits, originating from Jodhpur, exude a classy and royal look. 

Semi-Formal Ethnic Wear for Anniversary Parties, Wedding Functions, and More

Regarding semi-formal ethnic wear for men, several options perfectly suit occasions like opening ceremonies, anniversary parties, wedding functions such as Sangeet, and formal meetings. Here are some style tips for men:

  • Nehru Jacket and Kurta (Waistcoat Set): Effortlessly Stylish

The Nehru jacket and kurta combination, paired with pajamas or trousers, is a well-known and stylish ethnic ensemble. The waistcoat, often considered the outfit’s centerpiece, eliminates the need for additional accessories. The Nehru jacket adds a touch of sophistication and enhances the overall look. This ensemble is suitable for various semi-formal occasions and allows you to make a fashion statement effortlessly.

  • Kurta Pajama Suit: Casual Elegance

The kurta pajama suit is a highly sought-after casual outfit for various occasions. Men and boys commonly wear it at weddings like Haldi and Sangeet. Kurta options range from short to long, with sleeve variations such as short, 3/4th, or long sleeves. You can choose a solid or embroidered kurta based on your fashion preferences. Pair it with matching or contrasting color churidar pants or jeans to create a funky and stylish look that will make you stand out at the event.

  • Pathani Suit: Comfortable and Fashionable

The Pathani suit originated in Afghanistan but has gained popularity among Indian fashion designers and Bollywood celebrities due to its comfort and versatility. The loose and comfortable fit and its slightly feminine appeal are favored by men and boys alike. You can pair it with a salwar or jeans for a chic urban look. 

Wrapping up

By embracing these styling tips and exploring the versatility of sherwanis and Jodhpuri suits, you can effortlessly elevate your modern formal dress for men. Embody the essence of tradition while adding your unique touch to create a remarkable fashion statement.

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