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There is a moment of transition between school and college, which brings a lot of changes in students’ life. Here comes a change in essay writing, where you must push yourself outside your comfort zone and be ready for challenging years. It is the time when many students face challenges and have to seek help from professional essay writers.

However, there is a difference between the essay writing style of school and that of college. To know more, consider the basis of differentiation:

Difference Between College and School Essay Writing

Have a look at some of them to understand how these two can differ based on a variety of factors:


The formation is the biggest parameter on which an essay differs. Although it is an essay, the formation style has a variation. The basic format to create a piece of writing generally is to put all the information related to a specific topic in a pre-defined format. 

For school, this structure includes an introductory paragraph, two-three paragraphs of body, and a conclusion at the end.

For college: This structure must focus on creating a whole format around the particular topic.


Essay writing in school is based on one side of the argument. It is like depicting everything in a positive way or vice versa. But, on the other hand, in college, one has to tell both sides on a subject which includes both strengths and weaknesses.


It is one of the crucial parameters to be considered while marking differences. In school, essays are written between 500-1000 words. However, essay writing in college has to be around ten pages long. It is so because this lengthy writing enables a student to perform in-depth research and use various types of resources for reference purposes. 


School students do not have a specific audience to target while creating an essay. Thus, they must write it for general people and in laymen’s language to make them understand it. On the contrary, college students have to be specific while creating it, as they have to target a particular group precisely. Therefore, it becomes crucial to research according to them. 

Writing Guidelines

Rules and regulations have to be followed, no matter what. For example, for creating a school essay, you must focus on grammatical mistakes and plagiarism-free content. On the other hand, for college writing, you need to focus more on proper word structure while creating an essay.

Tips to Create a College Essay 

Give It a Personal Touch

Writing a college essay while making it personal is in trend these days. When the selection team gets confused between two or more candidates, they are more likely to choose the one they connect. For this, you can tell your experiences, feelings, their approach to solving problems in the write-up.

Try to Come Up With New Topics

You should avoid writing about cliche topics in your essays. There is always a need to get something new from the college committee. Generating an essay on a topic that has been discovered several times is useless. It will reduce the reader’s interest, and you might decrease your chance of getting admission.

Take Help From Alumina’s Pieces

You can take references from successful essays of past students. It will introduce you to the sense of what the selection committee wants.

Other Tips for an Effective Essay Are:

  • You should understand all the requirements beforehand to produce a perfect essay.
  • Refer to as many reference documents as you can. It will enable you to have a wide perspective of the particular topic. 
  • Figure out the main point you must focus on while developing the content. It helps you to be clear about what you have to include. 
  • Construct an outline before writing. It will help you to keep track of what you have included. 

Procedure to Create a College Essay 

Get Familiar With the Task First

It is better not to assume anything when it comes to academic work. Always try to clear all your misconceptions and understand the topic you have to work on. To begin with, getting along with the topic first and perceiving all the aspects about the same.

Research Well About the Subject

After having an idea about the topic, it is time to research further on it. Again, it is the pre-writing process to do. Researching will give you in-depth knowledge of the subject and make your work easy.

Prepare a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is necessary while writing a college essay and cannot be skipped for any reason. A good thesis is debatable and creates interest in readers to stick to it. In addition, it should provide a hint of everything you will include in your document.

Make a Blueprint

Once you finish the thesis statement, prepare an outline of the essay. It will give you directions while you are working on the piece. It enables a writer to follow the defined path and not get diverted in the process.

Proofread the Draft

It is a crucial step to be followed. If this is not done properly, your essay might get rejected due to silly mistakes. Proofreading is marking all the major and even minor errors that occur while writing.

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Final Words

It must be enough information about writing an essay for your college. One thing to remember is that it expresses or represents your ideas through writing, so make sure to do it properly. For this, tips, procedures, and differences have already been discussed. Even if you get stuck anywhere, seek help from professional essay writers available to solve all your doubts. 

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