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Luminous Setting Powder;

Face powder can be used as a setting face powder on top of your makeup to give you flawless, smooth look or to smooth & soften the appearance of your face as a foundation coverage. With a natural mineral powder that serves as a foundation, undereye concealer, and acne cover, you can clear and cover your face.

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A Color That Goes With Me: Coverage for a broad range of skin tones, from Ivory to Mocha, is provided by Maybelline Fit Me finishing powder; For a flawless, natural-looking, “I woke up like this” finish, use as a setting powder or to regulate shine.
Forward-facing posture: To help you create the ideal canvas, Maybelline offers a variety of concealers, face primers, contour, highlighter, and pressed powders in liquid, stick, and cushion foundation formulations that vary from sheer to full coverage.

Natural Beige, 0.33 ounce. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Powder;

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Find your perfect match in our variety of true to you shades, from light to dark and warm, neutral, and cool. Absolutely sure
True Match Powder offers a natural look and feels like a second epidermis thanks to its undetectable coverage.
For poreless, matte skin, micro-fine powders with a touch of pearl pigment blot oil and regulate shine.
. For a finished appearance, combine with True Match Foundation, Concealer, and Blush.

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Face Makeup, 830 Light Medium, 2.4 Oz. Face Powder, Longwear Medium- Full Coverage with Flawless Finish;

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SHINE MINIMIZING POWDER WITHOUT OIL: offers shine control and an all-day perfect finish. This noncomedogenic powder is oil-free and won’t block pores.


Never cakey, our 16-hour long-wear REVLON ColorStay Pressed Powder won’t dry out or fracture.


Use ColorStay Pressed Powder alone on naked skin for VERSATILE WEAR! For a perfect appearance, combine ColorStay Full Coverage Concealer and Foundation.


comprising a transparent, light-weight pressed powder with a puff applicator.

TRANSLUCENT MEDIUM 715, COVERGIRL Smoothers Pressed Powder, 0.32 Ounce (Packaging May Vary) Cosmetic Powder with Chamomile;

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With AquaCurrent technology in mind gives a polished appearance that endures special additives that reflect light. You can be who you are with the help of COVERGIRL cosmetics. COVERGIRL face, lips, and eye makeup items should be in your makeup bag. You can accomplish the ideal brows, lashes, lips, and contouring with COVERGIRL makeup to highlight your unique sense of style.
With a broad selection of cosmetics, including blush, foundation, powder, lipstick, lip liner, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, COVERGIRL can meet all of your makeup needs. Every style and appearance is catered for by a COVERGIRL product. COVERGIRL: I create who I am.

Figures and Abstract;

The consumption of face foundations and face powder is very significant. . The present study focuses on potential issues that could arise from the use of face powders in the Tripoli area of Libya. 170 female participants made up the sample for the research, and 91.8% of them made their participation clear and obvious.

Face Powder Perception Survey: Issues;


Using cosmetics preparations has become a part of everyday life for many people, especially women [1].This matte effect, when coupled with the high transparency of the powder, can create a unique soft focus effect on the skin, minimising the visibility of discoloration and blurring the appearance of wrinkles and lines to improve skin appearance [2, 3]. Various surfactants, oils, and other components are blended to create cosmetics [4].

Dermatologists who treat skin conditions and cosmetic chemists who create specialised skin care products both conduct extensive research on the skin [11, 12]. The daily use of cosmetics is becoming more and more common [13, 14, 5], so the current research is focusing on the health risks associated with its excessive use and potential harm to the skin. The decision to use face powder as cosmetics is made because it comes into direct contact with the face and because any unfavourable changes brought on by this powder could have a negative effect on one’s health, psychological state, economic situation, and social life [15, 16].


According to the instrument design, a specifically created questionnaire was used to gather the data, and the results were primarily of a quantitative nature [18, 19].

The following topics were included in the questions:

Personal data in Part A

P1: What do you do for a living?

What sort of skin do you have? Part B: Information on the subject

S1: Do you use facial makeup every day?

S2: What’s your goal?


The questionnaire served as the project’s primary data collection tool, and the responses were classified and assigned numbers [20, 21]. Nine of the respondents did not provide an evident response, and five left the questionnaires back blank. 156 out of 170 females who already use face powder responded, or 91.8% of the total.


According to the findings, there were roughly 92 percent of responses. A group of people may view this as an outstanding response rate for a voluntary survey.


There is no clear conflict of interest between the authors and the study’s subject matter.

6. ACCEPTANCES In particular;

A. Dadoush, R. Ashames, and S. Mahmoud from Tripoli University are acknowledged by the authors for their valuable collaboration that was essential to the research.



White is the unadulterated symbol of internal beauty and goodness.



The winds of social change are blowing strongly throughout the globe in the twenty-first century, encouraging the use of cosmetics. the term “cosmetic”


Hair Cosmetics and Skin Cosmetics

Nail Cosmettics


Cleaning the skin, maintaining the skin’s moisture equilibrium, promoting skin metabolism, and shielding the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation are all goals of skin care cosmetics.


A facial powder is essentially a cosmetic item with the primary ability to enhance skin tone by delivering a velvety finish.


The first kind of facial powder was loose powder. Its structure is airy and delicate. Talc powder helps the formula absorb quickly into the epidermis and removes oil from the face. Usually, a jar with a puff is used to store loose powder.

This powder’s shortcomings include its flimsiness and susceptibility to perspiration smudging.


Typically, a moisturiser and oil have been added to the formulation of compact powder.


This multipurpose pressed powder blends seamlessly into skin for a matte texture that looks natural. This powder’s foundation-like composition gives it exceptionally good coverage.


Loose and pressed setting powders, which are both readily available, can be transparent or subtly tinted to match skintone.


It is employed to secure the final cosmetics. Finishing powder is typically a whitish powder.[6]

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