FAR Norms Calculator in the National Capital Region (NCR): Simplifying Urban Planning and Development

FAR Calculator

Understanding FAR

Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is a ratio that determines the maximum floor area that can be constructed on a specific plot of land. It is calculated by dividing the total floor area of all floors in a building by the area of the plot on which the building stands. For example, if a plot has an area of 500 square meters and the permissible FAR is 2, then the maximum floor area that can be constructed on that plot would be 1,000 square meters (500 x 2).

Significance of FAR Norms

FAR norms Calculator play a crucial role in urban planning and development. They help maintain a balance between population density and available infrastructure, ensuring sustainable growth. By controlling the intensity of development, FAR norms prevent excessive strain on resources and infrastructure systems such as water supply, sewage, transportation, and public amenities. They also promote efficient land use and discourage haphazard construction.

Factors Affecting FAR

Several factors influence the determination of FAR in the NCR. These include:

Zoning Regulations

Different areas within the NCR have specific zoning regulations that govern land use. These regulations allocate FAR based on the intended purpose of the land, such as residential, commercial, or industrial. Zoning regulations also consider factors like road width, setbacks, and building height restrictions.

Infrastructure Availability

The availability of infrastructure and public services in an area affects the FAR norms. Areas with better infrastructure and amenities might have higher FAR allowances to accommodate increased development, while areas with limited infrastructure might have lower FAR limits.

Environmental Considerations

Environmental factors, such as ecological sensitivity, green spaces, and water bodies, influence FAR norms. Areas with environmentally significant features might have lower FAR limits to preserve the natural ecosystem and maintain ecological balance.

Calculation of FAR

Calculating FAR involves dividing the total floor area of a building by the plot area. The formula is:

FAR = Total Floor Area / Plot Area

The total floor area includes all floors, including basements and mezzanine floors, while the plot area is the area of land on which the building is constructed.

Introducing the FAR Norms Calculator

To simplify the process of calculating FAR in the NCR, we have developed the FAR Norms Calculator. This online tool provides an easy and efficient way to determine the FAR for a given plot of land. With the FAR Norms Calculator.

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