Fueling Construction Progress: Innovative Equipment in India

Fueling Construction Progress Innovative Equipment in India

Infrastructure projects in India are consistently increasing. In fact, the pace of project completion is quite fast. At the same time, we often notice the timely launch of new projects. Considering this pace, it’s quite evident that the inputs deployed these days are quite advanced now.

For instance, heavy-duty equipment like cranes and compactors often accelerate this growth exponentially. Compactors, for example, contribute to this development by reducing the material size of soil. This process consequently makes the surface smoother for building foundations.

On the other hand, cranes facilitate the movement of heavy materials to a distant height or even in remote locations. In addition, it also enables the carriage of heavy loads with utmost ease.

JCB VM 117 Compactor

This compactor vehicle comes with an operating weight of 11400 kg. This functionality henceforth delivers higher work output at construction & mining sites. Additionally, a drum width of 2100 mm helps operators compact soil, which reduces air pocks.

This subsequently benefits several construction projects as the lower pressure allows oil to tackle heavy loads on even surfaces. Additionally, with a powerful engine, the equipment can generate up to 74 HP. This further enlivens work productivity by significant numbers.

Also, the fuel tank capacity of 300 ltr helps professionals ensure smooth operation with increased fuel efficiency. Besides, the machine’s steering features servo-assisted articulation with automatic oscillation.

Potain MCT85 Compactor

This construction crane model from Potain, India, is one of the most sought-after equipment. Rightly so, the crane can reach up to a height of 208 meters. Such a tremendous reach facilitates material movement & carriage at a remote height. 

With a decent turning radius, the model ensures efficient functioning in compact spaces or difficult working conditions. Additionally, the model can lift 5 tonnes of heavy loads in one go. 

This functionality henceforth increases efficiency while reducing downtime. Above all, the price range of this equipment ranges between Rs. 34-36 Lakh in India. 

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