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IUI Treatment Lahore

Infertility treatment does not have to be expensive. More than 2,000 couples in the whole world have become parents thanks to IUI Treatment Lahore, a method of assisted reproduction that is painless and completely safe. Check out how the insemination procedure works and who can benefit from it.

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What do you know about Insemination?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a safe and painless procedure that involves placing a semen sample in the uterus that has been previously selected and adequately prepared in a laboratory.

The insemination procedure targets married and heterosexual couples living in informal relationships. Donor sperm can be used for Infertility treatment.

Effectiveness of Insemination

The insemination procedure can be repeated many times until successful, but up to six attempts are usually made in successive monthly cycles. Depending on the patient’s age, the quality of the semen used for fertilization, and the number of mature follicles after hormonal stimulation, the effectiveness of treatment with intrauterine insemination ranges from 10 to 25% per cycle.

Qualification for the insemination procedure is based on the results of previously conducted tests. Treatment can be based on the patient’s natural menstrual cycle or by monitoring her cycle and hormonal stimulation. A couple who will use the donor’s sperm and remain in an informal relationship must submit a relevant statement to the Registry Office (first, the man confirms that he will be the child’s father, then the partner has three months to confirm this fact).

With the man signing the document, insemination will take place. Before the insemination procedure, the patient undergoes a gynecological examination, cervical culture, cytology, and Sono-HSG examination to assess the patency of the fallopian tubes.

At this stage, it is necessary to observe the course of the menstrual cycle to determine the day ovulation occurs correctly. During cycle monitoring, taking medicines that stimulate the ovaries to work may be necessary. Correctly performed stimulation increases the chances of success of the procedure.

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During Procedure

During the procedure, the patient lies down. The Infertility Doctors in Lahore insert a thin catheter with a diameter of 1.5 mm into the uterus and inject a fluid containing sperm through it (only 1 ml of fluid enters the uterus).


Direct injection of sperm into the woman’s reproductive organs shortens the distance sperm must travel in natural conditions to reach the egg. As a result, fewer motile sperm have a chance of fertilization. After insemination in IUI Treatment Cost in Pakistan, the patient rests, lying down for 5–15 minutes, and then she can go home. The patient should take care of herself, rest, and avoid exertion. Hot baths are not allowed.

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