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Devotion Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is a company that has been making steam generators for a long time. They started back in 1970. They are a part of a more prominent company called the Devotion Group, known for doing cool and high-tech things. Devotion Energy Equipment specializes in creating different types of steam boilers, like the ones that use fire tubes or run on oil. They not only make these boilers, but they also sell them and provide other helpful services.

What is a water tube steam boiler?

A water tube steam boiler is a particular machine that does something extraordinary – it uses water to create super hot steam! You know, moisture is like scalding and pressurized water vapor. Imagine a tube-shaped container, like a big, long pipe filled with water. But wait, there’s more! Inside this container are even smaller tubes that act like little pathways for the hot gases made by fire.

Okay, so when the fire is burning, those super hot gases start moving through the smaller tubes, surrounded by the water in the big box. And here comes the science part! As these hot gases pass through the smaller tubes, they share their heat energy with the water around them. It’s called heat transfer. So, what happens next? Well, the water in the tubes starts getting hotter and hotter as it absorbs all that heat from the gases.

Now, imagine this – the water inside the tubes gets so boiling that it reaches a boiling point. And what happens when water boils? Yep, it turns into steam! Steam is like an invisible gas that forms when water gets heated to a specific temperature. And guess what? This steam is not just any steam; it’s super powerful and can be used for all sorts of things!

For example, in buildings, they can send the steam through pipes to those radiators or other heating systems, and that’s how they release the heat into the rooms. It helps keep the building nice and warm, especially during chilly days. And in prominent industries, they use steam to make machines and turbines run. It can even generate electricity or power engines. How cool is that?

So, let’s wrap it up – a water tube steam boiler is like a gigantic pot that boils water using hot gases. Those hot gases heat the water in the smaller tubes inside the boiler, turning it into steam! This steam can then be used to heat buildings or power amazing machines, making it an advantageous and versatile invention. Amazing, right?


Imagine a water tube steam boiler as a magic machine that uses water to create powerful steam. Inside this boiler, there are special tubes that act like channels for hot gases produced by a fire. These hot gases do something incredible – they heat up the water surrounding the tubes. It’s like giving a warm hug to the water!

Heat transfer happens when the hot gases share their energy with the water. This magical process transforms the water into steam, which is like water that’s in a super excited state. This steam can be used for all sorts of useful things, like heating buildings or powering machines. It’s like having a superhero in the form of Steam!

Now, let’s shift our attention to oil fired boilers. These amazing machines use oil as their special fuel source. Instead of directly heating the water, they have a clever contraption called a burner. This burner sprays oil into a special chamber and ignites it, creating a flame that dances with excitement. This flame heats something called a heat exchanger, a clever device that can capture the heat from the burning oil.

But how does this heat get transferred to the water? The heat exchanger has a mission – it transfers the captured heat to the water around it. It’s like passing on warmth from one friend to another! As the water receives all that heat, it gets hotter and hotter until it magically transforms into steam. This steam is a powerful force that can do many incredible things, like generating electricity or making machines work.

So, to summarize the main differences between water tube steam boilers and oil-fired boilers: water tube steam boilers use water and hot gases from a fire to create steam, while oil-fired boilers use oil and a clever burner to heat a heat exchanger, which then heats the water and turns it into steam. It’s like different recipes for creating steam, each with unique ingredients.

Isn’t it fascinating how these machines can harness the power of water and oil to create something as amazing as steam? It’s like science and engineering coming together to make our lives better and more efficient.


In conclusion, as leading manufacturers of steam generators, we have explored the fascinating world of water tube steam boilers and oil-fired boilers. We have learned that water tube steam boilers use water and hot gases from a fire to generate powerful steam, while oil-fired boilers utilize oil as a fuel source and a clever burner to heat a heat exchanger, transferring the heat to the water and producing steam.

These remarkable machines demonstrate the incredible ways we can harness the power of water and oil to create versatile and valuable resources like steam. Steam can be used for various purposes, from heating buildings to powering machines and generating electricity. It truly showcases the wonders of science, engineering, and innovation in making our lives better and more efficient.

Steam generators remain vital to our industrial and commercial landscape as we advance technology and explore new possibilities. Their ability to convert energy sources into usable steam contributes to various applications that benefit society.

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