Having a Fun Camping Experience – Things to do on an Outdoor Adventure

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If there’s one group outdoor activity that can be enjoyed with anyone it has to be camping. Are you planning to have a camping trip soon? Well, you might as well make the most of it with some great outdoor activities. Living in canvas tents in NZ in a serene location is such a marvelous way to spend your vacation time. With your living arrangements sorted, you can focus on some outdoor activities that would complete your trip. Here are some activities that you should consider while camping.

Activities on Water

  • Fishing: This is a great way to relax on a camping trip. Patiently waiting in the middle of the lake or river while enjoying a beer can melt all your stress away. This is a superb bonding exercise where you can have an intimate conversation with your loved ones with an added joy of a juicy catch. Involving children in a fishing activity is a good way to pass on some wisdom to them.
  • Surfing: Riding the waves and feeling the sea breeze on your face gives an unparalleled thrill. The feeling of sliding over a high-speed wave crashing through your surfboard is surreal. It takes time to practice the art of balancing your body weight on the board when the wave drags the board. However, it should not deter you from trying this beautiful water adventure sport on a camping trip.
  • River rafting: Navigating a speedily flowing river on an inflated raft is an adrenaline-pumping exercise. Moving along river rapids on a kayak or canoe would be an adventure of a lifetime, one that you would remember for a lifetime. New Zealand has some amazing rafting destinations such as Rotorua and Tongariro. You could set up your tents in New Zealand and go for an adventure in the river as well as experience the Maori culture.
  • Snorkeling: Not many people have experienced the fun of snorkeling and it is truly unfortunate. The scope of snorkeling in New Zealand is simply fantastic. Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Islands and Kaikoura is a visual treat. You would find swarms of colorful fish and coral reefs in these places along with a transparent view of the ocean. If you have a beach camping trip on your mind then do include snorkeling in your itinerary.

Activities on land

  • Hiking trails: Hiking is one activity that leaves you with a richer life experience as it often tests your endurance and mental determination. You get to connect with nature when you travel through a hitherto unknown path. Places like the Goblin Forest, Pouakai Crossing, and Hooker Valley Park are famous for their magnificent hiking trails surrounded by picturesque views. Make sure you have a good pair of boots as the terrain can be rock-filled and marshy.
  • Alpine trekking: If you’re a seasoned mountain trekker then alpine trekking is the best challenge for you. It takes a significant amount of physical fitness and mental strength to complete an alpine trek. Mt. Taranaki for example is the preferred trekking destination for many. It is covered with snow for most of the year and you would have a great time crossing through the snow. tents in NZ come in handy during such trips.
  • Wildlife photography: Packing your camera backpack and spending a few days in the wild documenting the wildlife is an exceptional stress reliever. Staying amid nature and experiencing the greenery all around has a positive effect on the mind. Capturing the picture of an endangered animal in its natural habitat gives a sense of satisfaction as well as raises awareness about the beautiful biodiversity around us.

Recreational activities on the campsite

  • Music and dance: The primary reason people go camping is to have some fun. Dancing to the tune of a melodious song would fill you with happiness and you are guaranteed to have a good time. You would also get the opportunity to make lifelong friends on the trip as you come across people from other regions.
  • Arts and crafts: If you enjoy painting and doing artistic craftwork but have been out of touch lately because of your busy schedule, you could catch up on your favorite pastime on the next camping trip. The secluded locations are ideal for getting inspiration for your next work of art.
  • Roasting marshmallows: Imagine sitting with your loved ones around a campfire at night and having roasted marshmallows. It is arguably the best way to spend meaningful time with your kids as they enjoy a sugary treat more than anyone else.


If you have decided to go camping, then you might have some fun activities on your mind. Fortunately, you have a lot of activities to choose from. For example, you could do some water activities like fishing, surfing, and snorkeling, or some land activities like hiking and wildlife photography. Irrespective of the activities you choose to do, make sure you have the right camping gear such as tents in New Zealand. This way you can have a fun-filled camping experience and a time to remember.

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