High-Pressure Washer Wholesale

The high-pressure washer is a very important cleaning equipment. This high-performance machine is very convenient to use. It can clean large vehicles and large areas of courtyards. Such machines are used on many occasions.

There are many models of high-pressure cleaners, and different models are suitable for different application ranges to meet the needs of different customers.

Yili high-pressure cleaner YLQ7550 is a famous product in the industry, and it is also a very distinctive high-pressure cleaner. Let us use this YLQ7550 to understand all aspects of high-pressure cleaners.


Performance characteristics of high-pressure cleaner YLQ7550

As a popular high-pressure cleaner, YLQ7550 still has many personalized features in terms of performance. Feature

Feature 1:

The high-pressure cleaner YLQ7550 has the characteristics of high-power self-priming and dual-purpose.

Its power has reached 1600 watts, it can use the water source of the faucet, and it can also absorb the water source from the bucket, which is characteristic of self-priming and dual-purpose.

Feature 2:

Portable and portable design. The high-pressure cleaner YLQ7550 is very attractive from its appearance.

It has an orange body, which is very bright. There is a very firm handle on both sides of the machine, which is very convenient for people to clean. Move by hand.

Feature 3:

The gun stops when the gun is closed, and the design of the crankshaft and connecting rod. As long as the gun is turned off, the machine can be stopped, and the connection between the connecting rod and the spray gun is very convenient.

Feature 4:

Wear-resistant stainless steel plunger. This is an important accessory, and with such high-quality components, the pressure washer YLQ7550 can be very strong and durable.

Feature 5:

The high-pressure cleaner YLQ7550 has its own automatic leakage protection device, which is very safe and convenient for people to use.

Feature 6:

Built-in adjustable pressure valve. The high-pressure cleaner YLQ7550 can adjust the internal pressure so that the spray from the spray gun can be more suitable for people’s needs.

Feature 7:

Steel wire braided tube, safe, explosion-proof and durable. Argos Discount Code NHS

Important parameters of high-pressure cleaner YLQ7550

Its working voltage is 220 volts, its power is 1600W, and its maximum pressure is 80 Bar. Its rated pressure is 70 Bar, its flow rate is 10L/min, and its current noise is 5.6dB. From the parameters, you can also feel the powerful performance of the high-pressure cleaner YLQ7550.

High-pressure cleaners are constantly developing, which comes from the strong demand of the market and the promotion of technological development.

High-pressure cleaner YLQ7550 is the mainstream model launched by Yili Electric, a wholesaler of high-pressure cleaners. It has strong performance, energy saving and safety, and has been recognized and welcomed by the majority of users. It plays an important role in various fields in reality.

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Pressure Washer Supply

High-pressure cleaners are widely used in daily life. They appear in homes, where people use them to clean vehicles and gardens. They appear in commercial environments, where people use them to clean large areas of public places, large glass walls, etc.

It appears in factories, and people use it to clean some large industrial equipment. High-pressure cleaners are equipment that plays an important role in many fields. It has strong functions and high value.

We should choose high-performance products according to the supply rules of high-pressure cleaners.

Judging from the current situation of the industry, Yili high-pressure cleaners have a good reputation, outstanding advantages in product cost performance, and have their own core technology and years of production experience.

Let’s use Yili’s high-end model YLQ7480G-180B to learn about high-pressure cleaning machines for this product.


Four characteristics of high-pressure cleaner YLQ7480G-180B

As a high-end model, YLQ7480G has four characteristics that distinguish it from other devices.

Feature 1:

3000W superpower. Such high power is rare in self-service car washing machines. Such powerful power performance ensures the high-pressure water spray performance of the car washing machine.

It can decontaminate efficiently and is suitable for various cleaning environments. Especially for some cleaning needs with a huge workload, YLQ7480G-180B can easily handle it.

Feature 2:

Industrial grade steel wire braided tube. This kind of braided tube has the characteristics of being explosion-proof, sun-proof and wear-resistant.

This is the configuration of the standard commercial low-end machine. With such a braided tube, we will be very safe in the operation of the commercial machine YLQ7480G-180B.

Feature 3:

Professional all-metal spray gun. The machine’s metal airbrush is of the highest quality and is fast to use in just three steps.

  • Step 1: Connect the water inlet pipe to the water inlet.
  • Step 2: Connect the outlet pipe to the spray gun.
  • Step 3: Connect the handle and barrel of the gun. Then you can start the machine for use.

Feature 4:

All-metal quick-plug nozzle. This all-copper quick connector is very safe and convenient, and this all-copper spray gun and pump head are very durable.

With these four characteristics, YLQ7480G-180B has become high-tech equipment that is highly recognized by users.

Luxury Configuration of High-Pressure Washer YLQ7480G-180B

The high-pressure cleaner YLQ7480G-180B has a lot of accessories, which can be described as a luxurious configuration compared with similar products.

Its configuration list is as follows: conversion joint, facet joint, 5 meters of the water inlet pipe, one gun handle, 10 meters of steel wire braided pipe, one gun barrel, two quick connectors, transparent water inlet nut, and five types of nozzles.

With so many accessories, our high-pressure cleaner YLQ7480G-180B can show its talents in various environments and do many different cleaning tasks

The scope of application of high-pressure cleaner YLQ7480G-180B

The high-pressure cleaner YLQ7480G with excellent performance can work in many different environments.

It can be used to clean large villas, it can be used to clean large swimming pools, it can be used to clean large clubs, it can be used to clean large office buildings, and it can be used to clean large areas of courtyards.

No matter on domestic or commercial occasions, the high-pressure cleaner YLQ7480G-180B can handle it flexibly with its powerful and excellent performance.

High-pressure cleaner YLQ7480G-180B is such an all-round product, which plays an important role in various fields. As a supplier of high-pressure cleaners, Yili will continue to meet the needs of consumers. Save money with NHS Discount Code.

High-pressure washer to buy, portable high-pressure washer

High-pressure cleaners have entered an era of home use, and the highlights and characteristics of various high-pressure cleaners with different positioning are also different.

The purchase of high-pressure cleaners requires us to analyze the highlights of many famous products, and it also allows us to learn more about them. Learn more about portable pressure washers.

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