How to Promote Events on Social Media in 10 Simple Steps

How to Promote Events on Social Media in 10 Simple Steps

Social media is a great platform that can be used for many purposes. And various industries are using it for marketing and promoting their brand. Similarly, to promote events on social media is not a difficult task. All you need to do is make a strategic plan and get creative with ideas. With this, you can leverage all the benefits of using these platforms such as wider reach, brand awareness, and more. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the best social media event promotion ideas that you can leverage and make a successful event.

5 Ways to Promote Events on Social Media Before It Happens

Getting the word out about your event is the first step with the help of an event landing page, hashtags, contests, or in any other way. Here are some smart ideas on how you can promote event on social media before it starts.

Create a Countdown for the Event

To grab the attention of the audience and make hype about it, you can create a countdown using the countdown sticker available in the stories. Which can be customized with the event name, start and end date, and even with your brand color and logo. To which attendees can subscribe and be notified when it ends. This is available on almost every platform but works effectively to promote event on Instagram.

Make a Landing Page

Making a landing page for your event can be effective since it can be used to provide every piece of information related to your event. It is also effective to boost the event registration process. And adding a social sharing button to your event landing page and posting it everywhere can be an effective strategy to promote event on social media.

Use Polls to Pique the Interest

Adding polls to promote your event on Facebook and Instagram using stories can help to collect the interest of potential attendees. You can also add questions to which they can answer, this can give you better insights. Which can give ideas and opportunities for marketing angles and boosting engagement. 

Create Hashtags

Making a short and simple hashtag related to your event can be an effective way to promote the event. These hashtags can be included in every post and even your audience can mention them in your post. It is a great way to promote event on social media because it can be used to calculate the after-event analytics. You can search for your hashtag and see how many people it has reached, and they have included it in their post, which will show the success rate of the event.

Host Contests on Social Media

A great social media event promotion idea is to host a contest on these platforms. This way you can excite the audience and grab their attention much faster. Also, it can be related to anything from your event or whatever you decide. For the prizes, you can give free passes, early bird tickets, discount coupons, merchandise, etc.

3 Ways to Promote Event on Social Media While It’s Happening

Getting the word out about your event was the first step, and now that you have done it successfully. You can start a promotion of your event when it is happening, which is very important in order to reach more audience

Do a Live Stream

You can leverage the live-streaming services that are offered by some of the platforms. This can help you extend your reach to the audience in real time. This can be a great way to benefit those who wanted to attend the event but didn’t register. With this, you can give also give them a sneak peek which will encourage them to join the event. Instagram’s live streaming services are the most effective to do so.

Post User-Generated Content

Encouraging attendees to post their own content on social media, including your event hashtags, is known as user-generated content. It is often thought to be more authentic and persuasive than over-marketing. Post this user-generated content on your social media channel, which will help in making a personal connection with the audience. It can be a great social media event promotion idea during the event.

Interviews With Attendees

Select a few attendees from your event and interview them about their experience. Because these short interviews make easily adaptive content, which is a smart event promotion idea. Post these interviews on your social media channels so that the audience can see and get curious about your next event.

2 Ways to Promote Event on Social Media After It Ends

With effective event promotion ideas done before and during the event, the last step is to promote event on social media after it has ended. Share all the moments and experiences on social media as a future marketing strategy. 

Save the Highlights of the Event

Creating the event highlights is a good way to save your content and make sure that it doesn’t get buried in the feed. These highlights can be saved in the stories since they don’t take up space and can be accessed anytime to view for the audience. You can even customize it with a name, logo, and photo. It is a great after-event portion idea that can be leveraged when the event is over.

Conduct an After-Event Survey

To make sure that your next event is better, ask your attendees for feedback via Instagram stories. They can even rate their experience or leave a comment on their satisfaction level with the event. Do a little Q&A or host a live session to get better feedback and insight, which will help to improve your next event. And also help in improving the strategies to promote event on social media.


Promoting an event on social media is a great way to attract a potential audience. There are many benefits of using these platforms such as wider reach, maximizing attendance, increasing revenue, and more. There are many effective social media event promotion ideas that can be leveraged to host a successful event. And promoting an event only before the start of the event is not the most effective way. You need to put in all your efforts to promote event on social media throughout the event.

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