How To Use Email Marketing in Psychology Services Business

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You may believe that because you are in the health sector you are limited in the marketing actions you can carry out. For this reason, there are marketing actions adapted to the health sector with which you can reach more people who may need your therapy or psychology services.

Marketing strategies that will make them perceive you as a professional who reaches out to them unconditionally. The one they can always turn to, and not like just another company that is bombarded with offers and discounts every day.

One of the most powerful actions in the digital marketing plan for this type of client is to carry out email marketing campaigns.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a very effective digital marketing strategy that will allow you to maintain a close relationship with your patients, both those you treated in the past and those you currently treat.

It will also help you build loyalty and you will be able to get them to share the information you send them with their loved ones, thus allowing more people to know you and be able to turn to you if they need it.

Through the different email marketing campaigns that you launch, you will be able to send informative emails, guidelines that can help improve the mental health of your patients, and tips to control anxiety or stress.

In short, become the support for a click of those who one day put themselves in your hands or of those who became interested in your services through your website, coming to your query.

How to run an email marketing campaign?


The first thing you should do to ensure that your emails will be effective is to know who you are going to send them to so that you can also adapt the type of content.

Provide ideas on how to improve self-esteem and set limits. As you can see, there are many groups of patients you can target, in addition to those you can divide by how long they have visited your office.

Therefore, the idea is that you group them and create specific content for each of them, in this way whoever receives the email will feel that it is personalized information for them and will value it much more.

Useful content

As we have been talking about in the last lines, content is the most important thing in this type of strategy.

If your content is not interesting to your patients, they will end up not opening your emails, leaving you forgotten not only in their spam folder but also in their minds.

This means that, if they need it, they will seek help from another psychology professional. Educative content not only engages your audience but also positions your practice as a reliable source of information in the field.

Include clear calls to action

Each email should have a clear and easy-to-follow call to action. The objective of these email marketing campaigns for psychology offices is to finally get those who need it to book an appointment or learn more about you as a professional.

Include calls-to-action (CTAs) that prompt subscribers to reply, share their thoughts, or participate in surveys. Therefore, take advantage of these emails to include buttons that invite you to schedule an appointment or to continue reading the full articles on the blog on your website.

This way they will be able to know exactly what you are a specialist in and what services you offer.

Engagement not only helps you understand your audience better but also strengthens the connection between your practice and the individuals you serve.


We know that you are very busy and that psychology is your main activity, we do not intend for you to become an expert in digital marketing.

Many tools automate the sending of these emails and create sequences. That is, if someone opens an email, another one related to the same topic is sent to them. If a user has not opened an email, after a while you can send them a reminder.

Even if someone has canceled an appointment, you can send them an email offering them other available slots in your calendar, asking for feedback on their experience in your consultation.

Pay attention to the design

We all prefer to open emails with a careful design and, above all, make it easier for us to read the information that comes to us in them.

In addition, the design must be in line with the philosophy of your practice and your way of working.

Take advantage of your patient visits

When filling out your patient appointment, don’t forget to ask them for their email address. This is one of the most direct ways to get contacts.

Use your website’s registration form

If you have a website, you can offer an incentive in exchange for users’ email addresses. An ebook on relaxation techniques, basic psychology for children, and tips to know how to disconnect from work.

If you also have a platform through which your new patients can book their appointment with you, this is the perfect time to store their email and add it to your database.

Promote the content

You can upload to your social networks some fragments of the information that you send to your contact list. Invite other users to subscribe so that they can receive the rest of the content.

In the same way, those people who need therapy should put themselves in the hands of professionals like you.

Email marketing can be a potent tool for psychology services businesses when used strategically. By building a targeted email list, segmenting your audience, providing valuable content, and incorporating personalization, you can create meaningful connections with your audience.

Additionally, by highlighting testimonials, promoting events, encouraging engagement, and ensuring mobile optimization, you can maximize the impact of your email campaigns and ultimately contribute to the success of your psychology services business.

You should also do it when managing the digital marketing of your psychology office and only trust experts in the field. Contact us at Digital Specialist now and start watching your business progress.

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