How to use Xbox Solve 2023 (easy and working ways)


People won’t believe you if you say you were able to get someone else’s IP address on the Xbox before 2001. For example, you recently met a great gamer who may have helped you through a difficult step or helped you from the beginning. Naturally, you may want to learn more about the player, such as its location and other features. So it seems impossible to get information about the player, right?

The creators of the Xbox Solver app have created an add-on for Xbox video games. This application may provide access to remote control technology, Xbox Live area photos, and second screen mode. Xbox Resolver is a tool and software that helps to find the exact IP address of the player. It uses a publicly available database of IP addresses and Gamertags. That way you can get other people’s IP addresses if you install your Gamertag in Xresolver. Here is how to use Xbox Resolver 2023. If you want to know how to Ping iPhone with Apple Watch & Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Mobile Phone check out these linked articles.

How to use an xbox 2023 solver

There are a few things you should know before proceeding. First, you need Gamertag. A custom gamertag identifier is provided for the individual Xbox user. By using this Gamertag, you can access other people’s IP addresses.

Therefore, players must be online for IP tracking to work. You will not be able to copy the player’s IP address when you are off the air.

Find Xbox Live Gamertag IP Address

You can easily trace someone’s IP address by following the steps below in detail.

To get started, sign in to your Xbox account. Find a friend with the IP you want to find in the search bar.

You have to add a simple person before looking or you’re not there.

You can add them to your friends list by following these steps.

  • With the lens icon, you will see the label at the bottom of the page.
  • After that, you can visit the tags of two players. Then click on “Add friends”.

Now talk to the people with the IP you want to capture. You can do this in two main ways. The first is to invite them to play live. Second, you can use a chat forum.

To do this, you must follow the steps below before using Xbox Solvent.

  • Invite your friends or group members to play with you.
  • Click the “people” button on the controller. Select a player tag.
  • When you see their status, use the A button on the controller to call them.

In addition, there is the possibility of using the group chat to connect with other people. Here’s how to get it right.

  • Go to the selection guide. Select “Categories and Components”.
  • You can decide which friends to invite. Then call them for “call options”.

When you see a guest in the invitation section, it means that he or she accepted the invitation. You can easily see the IP address of other people connected to you using Xbox resolver.

Find out the click link you can send to these players. Referrals can come from a variety of sources, such as gaming sites, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

You can now see the Gamertag spacebar by clicking the Xresolver link. Click the edit button after installing the personal player tag.

The Xbox resolution has an IP takeover option. Select it and go online, click the link. The ARP tool starts touching users’ networks when they click on a link.

The system loads all the built-in IP addresses by first detecting the IP address in the “output” and changing the “to” address. Enter 3074 in the card filter. Select “Start Pull” by pressing “A”.

The IP addresses of everyone else associated with gaming forums or gaming platforms are displayed here. We have provided you a detailed guide on Home: Use Home Activation Code & Use Real or Fake Netflix Account Generator.

Why should you use Xbox Resolver?

There are several features of the new and updated Xbox Resolver app that will probably convince you to make room for this app on your device. These include:

  • They have made it easy for users to access their activity feed through this app.
  • They have made it useful for their users by allowing them to hang out with friends and chat with them through this app.
  • Users can save their DVR clips and manage their group
  • Navigating One Guide is now easier with this Xbox solver
  • They make it easy to integrate another screen with other apps and games through this app.
  • They made it easy for users to use this app as a remote control.

How to change my address with XResolver

The IP address can be easily changed on your computer or laptop. However, public IP addresses cannot be changed manually. The DHCP server designated by the ISP assigns IP addresses to the public. You can ask them to do it.

In the meantime, you can change your IP address by following the steps below:


  • Go to System Settings. Select a network.
  • Click on Network Connection. Click Configure IPv4.
  • Now select the Manual option. Enter your IP address.


  • Go to Settings and tap Wi-Fi. Select a network.
  • To change the IPv4 address, click Configure IPv4 Address.
  • Enter your IP address now.

in the window

Make sure you are working with an administrator account

  • Click the Start button. Access the dashboard.
  • Click on Network Connection. Then select the LAN connection.
  • Click Properties. Click on TCP/IP.
  • Now you can manually enter your new IP address.


  • Go to the Settings page. Click on the link. Click Wi-Fi.
  • Then click on the currently connected network.
  • Click the tool icon to the right of the grid. You will find your IP address here.
  • Now scroll down the screen. Select Advanced. Select IP Settings.
  • Select Static. Enter your IP address now.

Frequent questions

Question: Is it a legal activity to find an IP address without consent?

Answer: Finding someone’s IP address is not illegal because no law considers it a criminal activity. However, IP addresses are not as private as we imagine.

For every web request that a device sends, the IP address of that particular device will also go.

All websites also keep an IP log for their internal use. But keep in mind that finding out someone’s IP address and using it for malicious activities is illegal.

Question: Should I go for a free VPN and gaming proxies or not?

Answer: For a very enjoyable gaming experience, you need a good internet speed. Unfortunately, this is something you will never get from free gaming VPNs and proxies.

Even if a free proxy or VPN service does not compromise your privacy or security, your internet speed will drop because many other users are using the free service.

Ultimately, this causes the free service to run very slowly. So if you try to use it for gaming, it will ruin your gaming experience.


Getting an Xbox user’s IP address is very easy. Use an IP solution to find the address based on your destination Gamertag. A shortened link can also be created and clicked by your target to display their IP address. However, be careful not to use the IP address in any way. The misuse of IP addresses is illegal. This is a violation of the Online User Protection Act.


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