20 Beautiful Verses To Inspire Your Soul

I give you a verse

In the religious context, namely in the Bible, the phrase “Versiculo Do Dia” is used to refer to a small paragraph from a chapter or book. In the Bibles, the verses are typically numbered and used to refer to a specific passage. The Juan Evangelium, for instance, says in verse 16 of chapter three: “Because God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son to ensure that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” Learn about biblical verses that have life-related content by subscribing to my blog, Verse of the Day.

God so loved the world that He gave it His one and only Son, ensuring that everyone who places their faith in him will not perish but have eternal life.

Day One’s 50 Verses are

1. Corinthians 9:6:

The key is that those who colher little will colher little, and those who colher lot will colher much Versiculo Do Dia.

2. Matthew 5:4

Give to those who request goods from you, and don’t turn down those who beg for cash.

  1. Lucas 6:30

If someone asks for something from you, give it to them, and don’t whine if they steal your things.

  1. Psalm 22:9

Because they give their bread to the less fortunate, those with kind eyes will be blessed.

  1. 1 João 3:17-18

However, how can someone give their brother what he needs while still possessing the world’s goods? Dear children, we love you not with lips or taste but with works and truth.

6. Heb. 11:1 verse

Faith today means having both the confidence that something won’t happen and the belief that it will happen as it should.

  1. The verse 1 Timothy 6:17

Encourage the wealthy of today to put their hope I give you a verse not in the shaky security of their wealth, but in God, who lavishly gives everything for our happiness.

8. Filipino 4:15–17

You Filipinos are aware that no other churches came together to give and receive at the beginning of the Christian era when Jesus departed Macedonia. You repeatedly provided aid to me for my requirements even though I was in Thessalonica. Instead of a present, I’m searching for anything that will help you build your credit.

9. Philippines 2:1.

As a result, if there is any solace in Christ, any confidence in love, any association with the Spirit, any devotion to and compatibility with,

10. Corinthians 8:11–12,

But now I’ve done it too, so your excitement to finish it with what you’ve got is equal to ours. You will be welcomed for what you have, not for what you lack, if you are ready.

  1. Salmo 23:4

I won’t be afraid of anything even though I’m travelling through a riskier valley since you are with me; your vara and your chest reassure me.

  1. Salmo 145: 18-19

There, nearby, is the True Lord of all those I give you a verse who honestly invoke him. He answers the pleas of those who are afraid of him, and he saves them.

13. Matthew 10:30–31:30

Don’t exchange two pardis for one dollar. None of them will, however, abandon their father’s care as they soar. His head’s hair is even taken into consideration. You are worth more than many pards, therefore don’t be concerned I give you a verse .

  1. João 16:22

Likewise, you are feeling down right now. Your hearts will start to sing when I see you again, and no one will be able to take away your happiness.

15. João 16:33

I’ve explained these things to you so that you can feel at ease in my presence. You’ll encounter challenges in this world. But show bravery! I triumphed over the globe.

16. 31:6 in Deuteronomy

Be fearless and strong. The Lord, I give you a verse your God, is with you; he won’t ever abandon you or forsake you. As a result, you shouldn’t be worried or afraid of them I give you a verse.

  1. Salmo 31:24

All of you who wait on the Lord, be strong and let your heart be filled with courage!

  1. Isaías 40:31

However, those who are patient with the Lord will experience a renewal of their strength, ascent on wings like eagles, endurance in their running, and hopelessness in their walking.

19. Rom. 5:5

And when the Holy Spirit, who was sent to us, has shattered the heart of God in our hearts, hope does not cloud our judgement.

  1. Salmo 62:1-2

God is the source of my salvation, and it is in him that I find true peace. He actually is my rock and my salvation; he is my unbreakable fortification.

10:17, 21 of Provérbios

“Whoever makes a case for correction enslaves the others I give you a verse, but whoever does not give voice to discipline shows the way of life.”

  1. 1 João 5:12

According to the proverb, “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God has not life.”

  1. João 8:12

I am the light of the world, Jesus declared to the gathering. Nobody who follows me will ever walk in the dark; instead, they will have access to life’s light.

  1. Salmo 119:50

In the midst of my suffering, this is my solace, and your pledge gives me life.

3:25 in Ecclesiastes

“There is a time and a place for everything I give you a verse below the clouds: a season for birth and a season for death; a season for planting and a season for reaping what has been planted.”

Ecclesiastes 27:14

Rejoice in good times, and in bad, remember that God created both so that man wouldn’t know what would come after him.

4:13 in Filipenses (27.

Anything I can do will only serve to make me stronger.

  1. Salmo 34:8

“Try it out and see how good the Lord is! Bem-aventurado o homem que nele se refugia!”

Deuteronomy 29:31:6

“Show courage and strength. Because the Lord, your God, is in front of you, do not be afraid of them at all. He won’t abandon or leave them.

8:31 in Romanos 30

What should we say in light of these circumstances? If God is for us, who will be against us?

Verse 15 of Jeremiah 3:15.

And I’ll send you preachers who will inspire knowledge and awareness in you, in accordance with my heart.

  1. João 14:27

Give you tranquilly; you have my peace. Unlike the rest of the world, I do not give to you. Never fret or allow your heart to be tormented.

Verse 33 of Matthew 6:34

Because tomorrow will worry about itself as well, try not to worry about it today. Every day, enough issues arise.

  1. Salmo 142:3

When my spirit starts to wane within me, you are the one who keeps track of my progress.

35. 1:17–1:28 in 1 Samuel

The Lord heard my prayer for this kid, and He gave it to me. I have now given it to the Lord as a result. He will spend the remainder of his life under the Lord’s control.

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