Impossibly? And yet! – 5 Advantages of PCOS Treatment Pakistan

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Why me?! Why did this happen to me? – thousands of girls with PCOS Treatment Pakistan ask themselves the same questions.

PCOS also has its advantages.

No wonder, polycystic ovary syndrome affects almost every sphere of a woman’s life. However, it turns out that

Dealing with shame

It takes three things to awaken shame: secrecy, not talking, and self-judgment. Girls struggling with PCOS, ashamed of themselves, try to hide the symptoms of the disease – excessive hair growth, infertility, and weight gain. Most of them do not tell anyone about their shame, keep it a secret and grow to believe that they are unattractive.

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Breaking the barrier of shame, telling about it, even to the best friend or mother, allows you to fight the disease more effectively. But most of all, it helps you love yourself, no matter what the odds are. It allows you to be happy without constantly judging yourself.
If we love ourselves, others will follow our example.

Use appropriate language

Girls with IVF in Pakistan are very helpful to themselves. There is one simple piece of advice for this – talk to yourself as you would talk to someone you love. Don’t look at yourself through the lens of failures. Motivate yourself and encourage yourself to act and fight. Sometimes you have to step back to take a run.

Build your support network

What are the two most important words when you are fighting an illness? “Me too”. By opening up to yourself and other people, you automatically create a kind of help network. You gain friends with whom you can laugh, and with whom you can get angry when your hormones are raging, but most of all, you gain people who are ready to listen to you. You learn to talk about your problems.

There are people on forums, support groups, and among your friends who have the same problem. If you look around, you’ll find someone to share your PCOS experiences with.


Your imperfections are part of you, they are also beautiful. We all live in the same world, we fight against many different adversities. Closing ourselves to them, emotional exclusion can paralyze us.

Pain cannot be relieved without the ability to see the good. Every stick has two ends, every medal has two sides, and every failure is a lesson.


Most of us lead very busy lives these days. Thus, we spend little time on rest, we do not know how to rest. It is difficult for us to put all the “important” things aside and reflect on ourselves, just think.

What about the recurrence?

Remember that recurrent infections can have serious consequences for pregnant women, so longer courses of antibiotic therapy are usually used to avoid more frequent recurrence with shorter courses.

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It is also worth asking for a urine culture one to two weeks after the end of antibiotic therapy to ensure proper diagnosis and possible extension of treatment. Thereafter, repeated urine cultures are recommended until delivery.

They can be used to relieve pain associated with cystitis. Other symptom relief measures, such as increasing fluid intake, urine alkalizing products, and cranberry products, are not recommended because the evidence for their effectiveness is lacking and some products may interact with antibiotic therapy.

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