Improving Member Retention: Tactics to Enhance Gym Member Satisfaction and Loyalty

Improving Member Retention: Tactics to Enhance Gym Member Satisfaction and Loyalty

Enhancing the member retention rate ensures that your gym stays afloat and your members have a place to work out to be in shape. It will be a surprise to know the cost of retaining the existing member is less when compared to the expenses of attracting new members.

As you are a gym owner, it will be a little tricky to spare some time to improve satisfaction and make the members loyal. But focusing on those areas is critical for the success of your gym over the long haul.

Why is member retention critical?

By now, you may have understood how important it is to retain the existing members. That is because the primary source of income is from your current members. Otherwise, as mentioned earlier, you have to shift your focus toward it. If you want to entice new members to your gym, you will spend considerable huge expenses on marketing campaigns.

Moreover, you may also have to offer free- sessions to potential members to experience the environment you have created in your gym and offer discounts upon taking a membership. The cost for these can often be overbearing.

Quite the contrary, if you shift your focus toward the current members, you can establish a cordial relationship with the members, and so does your staff. By doing so, you can ensure that you can boost member stratification and become loyal members. On the plus side, you do not have to invest much.

If you cater to the expectations of the current members, they will be happy with the services you offer. If anyone from their peers asks for a recommendation for a gym, your current members are most likely to refer your gym to them.

This article explores a few strategies that can be beneficial to improve gym member stratification and loyalty. As a result, you can boost your member retention rate, so you do not have to invest much in luring new members. 

1. Use a workout scheduling software 

You can make a positive change in a person’s life. When you started the gym, you decided to target a specific audience, i.e., fitness enthusiasts or anyone who wants to stay fit. To motivate them to stay on course to achieve their fitness goals, you have to schedule their training sessions and ensure they attend.

You can harness the potential of technology to motivate your audience. You can use gym scheduling software like Picktime. The software has many useful features for the gym owner. For instance, the software has a customizable booking page or widget that you can link to your website.

That allows individuals to choose their schedule and if they want to train under a specific trainer. They can decide on a schedule depending on the trainer’s availability from the website.

Another valuable feature of the software is its calendar. You will have to manage multiple training sessions as a gym owner. The feature gives you a complete overview of the daily sessions of the members and plan your day accordingly.

A reminder is sent automatically via email or SMS. That informs the member of the time to attend and motivates them to achieve their fitness goals. So you do not have to allocate time from your busy schedule to inform the members, enhancing communication to avoid no-shows and cancellations.

Moreover, if the members want to reschedule the training session in case of emergencies, they can do so in a few steps.

The software also allows you to create a secure database of customer information, history, and choices. That helps you to personalize the training of the members.

The software integrates into your social media profile if you maintain a strong social media presence like on FaceBook. That will help you increase your brand’s visibility, ease access, and expand your reach. 

2. Train your staff 

If you want to enhance the member retention rate, you also have to allow an opportunity for your staff to gain knowledge. For instance, when a potential member comes to visit your gym, the employee at the front desk will be the primary point of contact. The staff should be able to explain the equipment you use and the environment you have created to work out.

Employees who want to expand their knowledge will be loyal and make loyal members. You can also consider including them in the decision-making process, that leaves an impression that you value your staff.

Meanwhile, you have to identify the staff who have leadership potential. You can consider giving the staff additional responsibilities to gain their trust and feel valued. 

3. Give your members discounts that they cannot ignore

Let us look at the reality. There is vast competition in the market, and your members at the gym are very likely to join other gyms, given a better discount. Offering discounts has proven effective If you want to improve the member retention rate.

However, remember that you should not undervalue the price of your services compared to your competitors. Instead, you can think of ways to add value to your gym and make it worthwhile for the members to pay for the services rendered.

For instance, you have to keep tabs on the progress your members make, personalized diets, and workout plans. Whatever strategy you implement, make it worth the investment for the members.

4. Offer online training 

Let us admit that not everyone has the time to go to the gym but wants to stay fit. If you want to retain the competitive edge, you have to explore new avenues where you can offer training to your members. Going online would be one of the avenues that you can explore.

If you offer online training, your members will remain loyal as they can workout and stay fit in their comfort zone. Moreover, you can also expand your membership base.

5. Create a community of fitness enthusiasts

Human beings want to stay connected, and that is one of the reasons they despise virtual spaces for interactions. People prefer hearing what others have to say, their journey, and getting inspired. They want to meet people who share the same interest and hear how they have achieved their fitness goals.

So you can focus on creating a community around your gym that will improve member retention rate and make them loyal.

To sum up, if you want to improve the member retention rate, you should add value and make it worthwhile for the members, offer reasonable discounts to retain the competitive edge, and focus on creating a community.

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