Is ReactJS still in demand?

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The world we know is digitizing! For business growth and customer satisfaction, the user experiences should be made better. Frameworks help achieve such goals along with added benefits of rapid development, code scalability and maintainability, and reducing investment. React JS developers, one of the most in demand frameworks, is still popular in 2023. IT and non-tech companies alike are utilizing the benefits, i.e. maintainability and scalability; React.js offers.

In this era, where every other mobile app & website is built on React, it is hard to consider a world  without it. Following are details on whether React.js is still in demand or not and what is its future.

What is React JS & what it is used for?

What is React JS, why is it so popular these days, and what is it used for? Actually, it is a tool or library of JavaScript, and it is used to create UI, i.e. frontend or user interface. Mostly it is used to create SPAs(single page apps). 

Why is a library ranked as a framework? Mainly because React JS provides all necessary tools to create a website just like a framework does.

Using minimal memory React allows SPAs to dynamically load content. It provides developers tools for building dynamic and smooth apps.

Benefits of implementing React JS

The benefits of using React.js for building websites and web apps comes in many shapes and sizes. Following are a few important ones.

  1. Sped up development time

By accepting HTML code as input it provides support for subcomponent rendering. By supporting JSX, it helps cut development time.

  1. Improved code & app stability

In React JS the parent components do not have an effect on child components. Thus, minimal code changes are required. Additionally, this type of coding makes testing and improving performance easier.

  1. SEO-friendliness

Next JS vs React; Next is better for static websites and React is great for dynamic and complex large scale web apps. React solves search engines problems, i.e. crawling heavy JS pages. SEO friendliness was the primary problem of JS frameworks but React was the solution.

  1. Toolkit with a lot of power

React.js offers powerful debugging tools along with a code that is robust for building powerful and sleek apps.

  1. Dynamic web app development

React JS is used for creating dynamic apps and makes development easy by taking leverage of Javascript & JS XML or JSX. 

  1. Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM is the core feature and reason behind lightweight and swift apps. Virtual DOM improves performance when data is frequently updated by reducing changes in real DOM.

  1. Isomorphic software

Vue JS vs React: just like Vue can run on both client and server side, React code can run on the frontend as well as backend. Thus, it is a preferred framework for creating isomorphic softwares because it saves development time.

  1. Custom UI elements

Styling and creating custom React JS components is ideal and needed for creating powerful UI elements. In React you can divide complicated UI into smaller elements for easy, better, and fast development.

  1. Integration with other frameworks

Integrating React JS with other frameworks is easy, as it is only a view library and can run on server & client side. Integration with React Native is also possible for quick and robust mobile apps with great UI.

  1. Community support

Community support and regular updates are important for survival and success of any language and framework. React.js has wonderful community support. Tools are updated regularly. To learn React JS you can also benefit from the community apart from other learning resources.

The future of ReactJS?

The future of React is bright. If we just focus on the numbers, then React has the highest download rate and fastest growth rate. If we move on and talk about popularity, React is extremely popular and still growing. Moving forward, its features, tools it provides, and benefits it brings along are critical for developers. On top, there are thousands of job openings and they pay well.

Reason behind React JS bright future?

Finding solutions to problems is not a concern for community support and resources are plenty.

Many boilerplate templates, pre-built, and third-party packages are available.

React.js allows multi-development contribution resulting in rapid development, robust code, and better testing.

Meta, previously Facebook, created the framework and still maintains it. This IT giant is not going away anytime soon, and facebook’s own web app developed in React JS means they will support it fully. Facebook has agreements and public records for its maintenance and long-term support.

Meta is not the only maintaining party, contributors and the community also supports in maintenance. 

When frameworks Vue and Laravel, which are independent, have continued for so long, React.js does not have a chance of letting anyone down. 

No one can really ensure success as technology and the web, especially, is advancing so quickly. However, according to the stats and critical thinking the chances of React JS survival are high.

Hire React JS Developer

If you are a company thinking of shifting your technology and apps to React, then do it. Hire React JS developers and get the work done professionally. 

Weight the pros and cons! Your business will increase because of smooth user experience and no lag. As for React.js programmers, learning React is still worth it and jobs pay well. Internationally there are millions of job openings and high demand for React.js developers.  Junior React.js developer salaries are better compared to others.

React js devlopers report

Above is a chart for React.js developer salaries. Note that these salaries are in USD. Salaries vary on experience level and location norms that apply. If you are a company looking for resources you can find plenty in your locality. However, to find a cheap resource with a high experience level and amazing skills, the best place is to find one from Asian countries or developing nations like vietnam. 

Freelancing is not recommended, outsourcing is pretty popular these days where companies connect resources directly with employers and they work under employers. 


Another better alternative is hiring offshore development resources. Here employers are hired from a company but they work under the company you hired from. After completion of a project you can just stop working. Meaning, the hassle of hiring and firing is no more. vteams is one of the best companies offering offshore resources, you can hire React JS developers from there as well.

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