The Accouri Label Printer230 Press Makes it Possible.

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According to Focus, the Accurio Label Printer230 press makes it possible. For print providers, brand owners, and packaging companies. To gain access to high-quality digital printing at an affordable price. The Accurio Label  designed with smaller to medium-sized label converters in mind. When it was first introduced; however, it is now commonly accepted. By a variety of bigger label converters as well. The printing press developed for the sole purpose of meeting the growing need. For a greater variety of print jobs ranging from small to medium in size. That  Printing in full color on demand, sampling, variable data and graphics, printing.

Eliminates the requirement:

Which eliminates the requirement for lengthy user training. The Accurio Label Printer presses, according to Konica, make it possible to do jobs. At a fixed price without the need for specialty substrates, and software programs. For color management and job composition are among the available features. Intuitive operation can achieved with the help of a touch panel monitor. . That were previously difficult and time-consuming with analogue machines. In a way that is both easy and accurate. The image quality and color variation are both managed. By the Myiro calibration technology that offered by Konica Minolta. This technology designed to preserve consistent print quality. From the very first print all the way through to the very last print. By processing multi-gradation data at a high resolution.

Label design composites:

It said that using this technology can result in significant time savings. As well as reductions in waste. The ‘Accurio Pro Flux’ label imposition program improves efficiency. In the use of media by automating tasks. Such as mispositioning and step-and-repeat, in addition. To providing support for variable data printing. This helps to maximize the use of the media. The one-up, print-ready is simply dropped into the software. This enables the software to facilitate job layout. The registration marks, and composite arrangement of label design composites. This method based on a straightforward drag-and-drop premise.

Variable data facility:

The pricing model for the press based on a straightforward click price per linear meter. This price takes into account the cost of all consumables, spare parts, and maintenance. Because of this, the user is able to provide quotes for projects without first viewing. The artwork, as there is no need to estimate the amount of toner coverage. The proprietor of BSP, Mr. another press available that satisfies. Our requirements for both a high print quality and a variable data facility. At a price and a footprint size that is comparable. In addition to picking the ideal press for the job. We made sure to go with a vendor who has a solid reputation and can always counted on.

Focus Label Machinery:

We found that working together with Konica Minolta and Focus Label Machinery. That was the optimal answer for our needs. Mr. Attaway stated, “With its user-friendly software and controls. The AccurioLabel 230 is very easy to operate for our company.” Both Focus and Konica Minolta were extremely helpful and professional during. The entire process of purchase and installation. They assisted us in conducting a number of trials before we made our final decision. orders that were previously challenging to manage. With analogue presses may now handled in a manner that is far more effective. By adopting variable data printing (VDP) or numbering. Additional value may provided to the print product.

Most appropriate option:

Which in turn helps the user identify themselves within their market. Before deciding that the Konica Minolta press was the most appropriate option for them. BSP Labels had been researching digital label creation. For a considerable amount of time. After giving it such great thought, they have decided to make. This most recent investment with Focus and Konica Minolta, and we couldn’t be happier about it. to adapt to an evolving market.” Focus is not only an Accredited Konica Minolta Industrial Print Partner. But it also specializes in the supply and construction of integrated digital printing presses.

Flexographic printing presses:

The narrow web flexographic printing presses. As well as creative solutions for digital finishing equipment Alongside. Their Reflex 330 re-register label finishing systems. The Accouri Label 230 may  seen demonstrated in the facility that serves. As Focus’s technical showroom. Visitors will have the opportunity to do a direct head-to-head. The comparison of digital toner and inkjet technologies. As well as finishing and digital hybrid equipment.

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