Lesser-Known Facts about No-Prep Veneers


Sometimes, your cosmetic dental problem needs veneers for restoring the appearance and functional ability of the tooth. These are outstanding option for your broken, cracked, discoloured and chipped teeth. Nowadays, you can get no-prep veneers too.

The dentist applies thin shells made from composite or porcelain material on the front teeth for improving their appearance. As it is considered to be the permanent option, dentist takes some time for preparing the tooth to carry out veneer treatment.

It is all about shedding off little amount of the tooth enamel so that it can hold on the veneer perfectly. This new option is simple and consumes little time to offer long-lasting results to the patients.

Must read this blog to know about this new option to modifying you teeth.  

Advantages of no-prep veneers

Some benefits to undergo no-prep veneers are the following:

  • Enhanced result

It excellently addresses several dental problems including discolouration, gaps between teeth, chips and cracks.

  • Less preparation

With typical porcelain veneers in London, the dentists have to grind a little amount of enamel from the teeth so that it can sit on them properly. But there is no as such preparation with no-prep veneer.

So, there is no need to reshape the tooth structure to perform this treatment. But dentist will make use of digital impression of the teeth for creating veneers and place it on the teeth on same day. 

  • Easy to place

Installation or positioning of the veneer is quite simple and easy over the traditional veneer as it doesn’t alter the tooth. So, with this method you can preserve the tooth structure.

  • No requirement of anaesthesia

As it never scrapes off enamel from the tooth, so there is no need to administering local anaesthesia. It is good news for those who are anxious about anaesthesia or have sensitivity or allergy to it.  

  • Long lasting

It lasts for long 5-7 years with proper care of course! However, the manufacturers can claim that certain no-prep veneers will last for more years. It is an ideal option for those who want to avoid excessive wear and tear on the healthy teeth.  

Is no-prep veneer reversible?

During dental crown, the dentist needs to file down slightly the outermost layer of tooth (enamel). It enables the crown to get better hold of the tooth. It means that the tooth alters or changes permanently. It is also applicable when you are about to get traditional veneers as dentist will carry do reshaping the enamel to bond the veneer on the tooth.

However, these are not reversible at all. In comparison to that, no-prep veneers need no alteration to the tooth. Moreover, it features easy removal too. It serves as temporary or reversible solution to the tooth. Basically, it protects the affected tooth from further damage. However, it never means that no affect will be there anymore to install or remove the no-prep veneers.   

Potential side effects and precautions

Several things are there to consider prior to get no-prep veneers. If the tooth gets extensive damage or badly injured then you must not go with it. In such situations, more intensive options will do wonder for giving uniform appearance of the tooth.

Similar recommendation will be application for intrinsic staining or discolouration of the tooth. It is because this one is highly translucent than conventional veneers. You must need a thick or substantial option which will mask up the discolouration.  

However, practising good oral hygiene is must. You must clean the tooth around the gumline for removal of tartar, plaque, bacteria or debris which can slip through veneer to meet the gums.

Kinds of no-prep veneers

Whilst it is about no-prep veneers, there are a few choices. Consult with the dentist to know each one of them and select the most suitable for your teeth.

  • Lumineers

Lumineers are the most popular no-prep veneers available in the market. This version is quite thin resembling the natural look on the teeth.

  • DURAthin veneers

It comprises of bonding of translucent and thin layer of porcelain on front teeth without any scrapping or grinding.

  • Vivaneers

This one is thin yet highly durable and only 0.33 mm thick.

Procedures of no-prep veneers

Your expectations from the procedure of no-prep veneers are in the following:

  1. Teeth exam by the dentist to ensure there is strong structure
  2. Collecting teeth impression
  3. Preparing the veneers according to the impression
  4. The dentist will place the veneer on the teeth to ensure that it gives snugly fit
  5. They will slightly scrape off the teeth surface to give the veneer a good grip
  6. Lastly they will bond the veneer on the teeth

Price of no-prep veneers

The veneers cost in London will vary depending on the condition of teeth. Consult with the dental insurance provider to check if they cover its cost. There are several insurance plans which won’t cover the cost of cosmetic dentistry. The clinics may have flexible payment and finance plans so discuss with the dentist clearly when you are on a tight budget.

No-prep veneers vs. Traditional veneers

The convenience of no-prep veneers is unbeatable. However, it is not the only factor to decide whether you should go with it or not. When you are on a tight budget, it is worth comparing the cost of no-prep veneers to that with traditional veneers.

But you must know that the cost will depend on several factors such as experience of the dentist, the location of the clinic and material used in the procedure. However, no-prep veneer is a bit expensive but it delivers natural tooth-like appearance similar to that of the traditional veneer. 


Consult with the dentist if you want veneers for improving the appearance. However, they will need to consider several aspects like condition and health of the teeth and mouth.

In contrast to that, you can easily go with no-prep veneers. But consider all the parameters to decide whether it is suitable option for you or not! Book an appointment with the dentist at Smile Works Dental to undergo the treatment at affordable costs.

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