MBBS in China Fee Structure At Top Medical Colleges

MBBS in China Fee Structure

Your choice to pursue an MBBS in China will unquestionably be the wisest one you’ve ever made. We observe a large number of medical students graduating from MBBS programs in China. China’s institutions provide top-notch medical education MBBS in China Fee Structure.

There are around 48 medical universities in China, all of which are accredited by PMC. Aspirants to the MBBS program in China are provided with world-class culture, academic excellence, and other resources to make learning more engaging and convenient. They are the best at offering facilities to all of their international applicants. Even in the first semester of the MBBS program, Mandarin was taught. Aside from that, Chinese colleges place a greater emphasis on practical knowledge to provide real-world experience and enhance learning.

China’s economy is expanding at the quickest rate in the world, and it contributes the most innovations and ideas to improve society. As a technology-driven nation, it has a top-notch educational system.

For The Session Of 2023-2024

MBBS In China Fee Structure

University Name             FEE (Per Year)

Xi’an Jiaotong University              40,000 RMB

Shandong University      45,000 RMB

China Medical University             40,000 RMB

Xiamen University y        38,000 RMB

Zhengzhou University     35,000 RMB

Nanjing Medical University          34,000 RMB

Zhejiang University y      42,800 RMB

Guangzhou Medical University y 30,000 RMB

Kunming Medical University        35,000 RMB

Sichaun University          36,000 RMB

Yangzhou University y    30,000 RMB

China Three Gorge University     24,000 RMB

Ningxia University           29,800 RMB

Noth Sichaun University 32,000 RMB

Wenzhou Medical University      30,000 RMB

Anhui Medical University             0,000 RMB

SouthEast University      2,800 RMB

Qingdao University         30,000 RMB

Jilin University   33,000 RMB

Jiangsu University           34,000 RMB

HUST     40,000 RMB

Fujian Medical University             35,000 RMB

Dalian Medical University            42,000 RMB

College-Wise MBBS Eligibility Criteria In China

University Name             12th Marks        MDCAT Score

Jilin University   70% in PCBE       250

Dalian University             70% in PCBE       250

China Medical University             80% in PCBE       MDCAT Qualified

 Anhui Medical University          70% in PCBE       200

Shandong University      65% in PCBE       250

Nanjing Medical University          State Board 85%              230

Nanjing Medical University          CBSE 70% in PCBE           230

Fujian Medical University             65% in PCBE       200

Wenzhou Medical University      70% in PCBE       200

Jiangsu University           70% in PCBE       240

Southeast University      70% in PCBE       220

Yangzhou University       70% in PCBE       220

Soochow University        70% in PCBE       200

Sichuan University          70% in PCBE       300

 Guangzhou Medical University              70% in PCBE       250

 North Sichuan Medical University         70% in PCBE       200

Xiamen University           65% in PCBE       200

 Kunming Medical University    70% in PCBE       230

 China Three Gorges University 75% in PCBE       250

Qingdao University         80% in PCBE       250

Shihezi University            75% in PCBE       MDCAT Qualified

Candidates for the MBBS program in China must be at least 17 years old when they are admitted.

By the end of the exam session on December 31st, the student must be 17 years old.

Students must receive at least 60% on their 12th-grade PCBE scores in order to qualify.

A birth certificate is one of the documents needed for MBBS in China.

Mark sheets for classes 10 and 12 along with a scorecard for the MDCAT

Passport six to ten photos the size of a passport

health certification

Benefits Of MBBS In China Approvals- There are over 48 medical universities in China that have received PMC and WHO approval, making their degrees recognized all over the world.

Duration: The MBBS program in China lasts only five years, therefore even with a shorter program length, quality education is still provided.

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