Pros and Cons of E-Learning and Educational Technology

Educational Technology

In this modern era, when technology has revolutionized every field of life, it also has tons of contributions in the field of education. E-learning is one of the most sought-after methods of teaching or learning, especially in developed countries like London. With the advent of educational technologies such as digital classrooms, virtual assistance, and the use of smart boards, learning is no more a burden for students of the twenty-first century. However, this is only one side of the picture, and the other side also portrays the dark side of E-learning and the use of educational technology. This article aims to make you aware of both pros and cons of using new technologies in E-learning.

What Are E-Learning And How Educational Technology Making It Easier?

E-learning is simply the act of delivering education and training via digital resources. It is a sort of effort by the expert educationalist of the world to make education common for all. It allows even students belonging to low and medium-income group families to get quality education in the comfort of their homes. At this point, it is important to know how these experts can enter your home. Of course, this is made possible via using educational technology that may include laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, and smartphones to share supporting material with you.

Additionally, these gadgets still can’t help such experts to enter the premises of your home without the internet and E-learning applications. Thus, E-learning is the method of getting an education without ensuring your presence in a physical classroom, but educational technology helps you in doing so with great efficiency.

Pros Of E-Learning And Educational Technology:

As far as the benefits of E-learning and educational technology are concerned, the list goes beyond the scope of this article. Thus, the following are a few most prominent pros:

  1. It saves time and money without compromising the quality of education. You can manage your learning schedule at a time that best suits you. It is cheaper in this era of digitalization when everybody owns his electronic gadgets, so you do not need to spend anything extra to get an online education.
  2. It saves students from violence and getting into bad companies and takes the spell of any other drawback of getting Physical education in classrooms.
  3. It makes learning fun; the animated videos and informative video clips that online teachers use to tell you all basic concepts increase students’ concentration, which has a highly positive effect on the outcomes of students.
  4. Apart from all, it saves students from all potential ailments or pandemics outbreaks, as we all observed during the COVID-19 tenure. At that time of emergency, E-learning was the only hope for the students and teachers.
  5. It is all about the blessing of educational technology that you can now buy assignment online with a few clicks. In other simple words, it is the digital and electronic devices that help you get access to the World class educational experts to seek assignment help.

Cons Of E-Learning And Educational Technology:

To establish a balanced argument, let’s see the dark side of E-learning and educational technology as well.

  1. It creates social interaction and communication gaps as staying at home never lets you how about what is going on outside the comfort of your home. It makes you have an introverted nature though such people often have to face a lack of confidence-related issues in professional setups.
  2. Assessment of what students have learned for coursework is really a tough task in E-learning. Teachers fail to establish eye contact with students and never understand what goes inside the student’s minds, which helps make assessment difficult for them.
  3. If your child is of introverted nature, you must not choose E-learning for him. The reason behind this bitter piece of advice is that to get good outcomes the student must be expressive enough as the teacher is not directly in touch with him. If a student lacks the confidence to say what is inside his mind, he will end up in a course with many ambiguities.
  4. Grabbing students’ attention is really a big task for tutors using educational technology to teach students online. Mostly, the student spends time texting with friends, eating chips, and even sleeping during a lecture, which makes E-learning less effective.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, E-learning and educational technology are one of the emerging trends in the field of education. It is extremely useful in one scenario, while it is completely useless in another scenario. It’s actually the microenvironment, students’ nature, and teacher’s teaching strategies that decide whether you will get benefits or will become the victim of its adverse effect.

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