Difference between Transparent LED Display Screen and smd screen price in pakistan Conventional Screen in 2023

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Smd screen price in Pakistan, in recent times, due to the constant growth that is the modern market economy there have been many high-rise structures in cities, and the display screen made of transparent LED is widely utilized in the field of urban landscape lighting, glass curtain walls as well as the improvement of architectural art. A lot of customers are not familiar with the term “transparent LED display” screen. What is the distinction between a transparent LED display screens versus the smd screen price in pakistan?

The transparent LED display screen differs from the SMD display screen mainly in the following ways:

High permeability:

Does not interfere with the indoor lighting, cool display. As we know, the standard SMD screen displays are translucent and could affect the lighting in buildings. The LED transparent screen uses self-developed side-emitting technology, while the bar of light is nearly inaccessible for the uninitiated from the side which dramatically increases the degree of transparency, and can also support machine stickers and other stickers. This results in more efficient production.

Lightweight design: reduce the expense of steel structures:

The typical SMD display screen weighs 42 kg per square meters. If the screen’s size is too big it can pose an enormous challenge for the construction of the screen, as well as the original structure of the building. The screen, which is transparent, can be mounted vertically without glass. If it’s installed on the inside of the curtain it could be connected directly to the structure of steel on the wall. It’s extremely light at 16kg/m2 making the steel structure slim.

The design of the light strip could be designed to have specific shapes:

If conventional SMD screen displays are constructed of specially shaped components and are limited by the design inside the display box. The splicing process for special-shaped displays can be a bit faulty and will result in seams. The curved translucent LED screen is adjustable and spliced in exact forms. The screen is able to support different special shapes like round table, cylinder as well as triangles, arcs, and triangular.


Screens with SMD are typically installed inside, which hinder sunlight and vision. The transparent LED screen is intended for outdoors screen installations, outdoor installations and outdoor viewing. There is no need to fret about waterproof or UV protection as the has a very long-lasting performance.

The perfect match with that glass wall. it is hidden and does not alter the appearance of the building:

SMD traditional screens require a huge-scale steel frame structure for installation. This requires time and effort, and can have a significant effect on the form and design of the structure. The translucent LED screen may be installed and used with minimal construction work without damaging the wall and improving its attractiveness. Pakistani smd screen pricing.

Easy maintenance:

it can be used to support hot-swaps and light bar maintenance. In the event that SMD conventional screens experience problems typically, they’ll receive a post-maintenance fix or the entire module or box is taken apart to repair. The LED transparent screen just needs one light bar replaced for maintenance, reducing costs.. LEYARD The team of experts for LED display screens that are transparent can provide you with an all-in-one LED display solutions. Read more: Mustangled

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