The Art of Persuasion: Writing Convincing Arguments in Academic Essays in Political Science

Writing Convincing Arguments in Academic Essays in Political Science

Have you been asked to write a first-class persuasive essay based on convincing arguments by the political science professor? Do not fret about how you can accomplish this challenge, as we are here to help you get through. Read the article below to learn how to express your persuasive arguments in academic essays.

Understanding the Principles of Persuasive Writing in Political Science

First off, you will need to understand the basics of persuasive writing in Political Science. Interestingly, these academic essays are fun to write when you understand the basics and highly different to compose when you do not.

Generally, students must express their stance on any given issue and convince the readers to agree with a particular opinion. An excellent persuasive argument has a perfect balance of careful word choices and detailed research to persuade the reader to agree with a given point of view.

Key Rules of Persuasive Writing

You will master the art of persuasive writing if you adhere to some basic rules. The main principles to be followed in persuasive writing in political science are:

  • You must follow the proper writing style for such academic essays.
  • The evidence and arguments in the papers must be backed with in-depth research.
  • The language must be simple and easy to understand by the reader.
  • You must not use too many technical terminologies and jargon in your persuasive academic essays.
  • You should know the audience for who you have to present your work.
  • Ensure to add appropriate graphics and visuals in your essays where necessary.

Building a Strong Thesis Statement to Guide the Political Science Essay

Are you aware of the importance of a solid and compelling thesis statement for an impressive persuasive essay? It is the most critical part of academic essays you write when studying political science. Consider these essential points when you craft a strong thesis statement for your essay:

  • The thesis statement must give the reader a brief overview of the essay content.
  • The length of the argument decides the structure of a thesis statement; adjust it where you feel it necessary.
  • an adequately written thesis statement is coherent, well-structured, and detailed. It guides the user on the context of your essay topic.
  • It must not be too short, vague or ambiguous. The reader must get the message immediately after reading the thesis statement.

Incorporating Compelling Evidence and Examples to Support Arguments in Political Science Essay

Students feel incredibly stuck when writing compelling evidence and sound arguments in persuasive academic essays. Do you want to master the art of persuasive academic writing? Then consider yourself in for some complex work. You will need to adhere to the basic requirements of this writing style if you want to get across the finish line. Firstly, understand what the term ‘evidence’ entails.


If you check the dictionary definition of the term “evidence”, the Oxford Dictionary describes it as:

The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.”


In persuasive academic essays, evidence refers to the material you use to support your claim, belief, proposition, or argument. Here is a basic example we can quote to simplify it for you. Scientists used bones and fossils as evidence to assert that dinosaurs once existed.

The same strategy can be applied to your persuasive academic essays. The gist is that your evidence must be well-constructed and compelling enough to persuade the reader of your viewpoint.

Addressing Counterarguments and Presenting Rebuttals Effectively In Political Science Writing

Here comes the tricky part. While most of your arguments will support your point of view, some will be used to address the counterarguments. You must research your essay topic enough to know and respond to the counterarguments well.

Some phrases you can use to save your main arguments from being damaged by the counter-arguments are: 

  1. “While that argument sounds appealing, it does not apply to these circumstances because..”
  2. “This counter-argument fails to understand that..”
  3. “This argument relies on the false premises because..”

Quick Tip:

Remember to research your essay topic well and review the opposing arguments in your essays. It will help you understand the objections to your primary evidence and give you an idea of the grounds for constructing your essay strategy. The best academic essays written in the persuasive style are the ones that express their solid arguments clearly to the readers and also cater to the opposing evidence effectively.

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Crafting Persuasive Conclusions That Leave a Lasting Impact on Political Science Essays

Writing a convincing conclusion for your persuasive essay is as essential as the central body of your papers. If you fail to write a convincing conclusion, your essay will not impact the readers as it should.

Summarise the main points of your essay in the conclusion and restate your key arguments. The conclusion must convince your audience of your point of view and persuade them to believe what you narrate in your essay.


When writing your persuasive academic essays in political science, the critical point is to balance the right word choice and solid evidence.

Whenever you make a new claim in your essay, back it up with convincing evidence. All the supporting arguments must be linked back to the central argument. Ensure you gather enough solid evidence to get you through the challenging task of writing a persuasive essay.

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