What are the differences between working in Malaysia and Singapore?


Malaysia and Singapore, both the countries are often compared in terms of job opportunities, salary paid, and cost of living because of migrations by other countries in search of jobs. Many factors define the difference between the two countries, including Economic differences, social differences, lifestyle, Business environment, work environment, education, and help for students pursuing higher education there.

This article mainly focuses on the work environment, Assignment Helper for students, and economic differences between the two countries.

Differences between Malaysia and Singapore in Economy-

If we discuss the economic differences, Singapore is far better than Malaysia.

Singapore is highly developed in terms of economy with regular pricing. In terms of GDP per capita, it’s far better than the other countries. In the World Bank’s 2017 Ease of Doing Business Report, Singapore scored 2nd rank while Malaysia got 24th rank. Investors are welcomed in Singapore for investments because of the ease and favorable business circumstances, platforms, and open laws.

However, Malaysia has chances and capabilities along with the whole value chain, from production to distribution and technical know-how in the services industry. Investors find the country attractive because of its developed infrastructure, cost-effective labor force, and pro-investor business legislation.

High paying due to currency exchange rates-

From a financial sense, working in Singapore over Malaysia is better because of the high exchange rate and superior wage packages.

If we compare the salary of fresh engineering graduates in both countries, in the Malaysian ringgit, the starting salary of a fresh engineering graduate is RM2800, i.e., equal to SGD888.

Whereas in Singapore Starting salary of a person with this qualification is between SGD2600 to SGD3100, close to five figures in Malaysian ringgit.

Cost of living in Singapore and Malaysia-

Considering the cost of living, Singapore is the most expensive country worldwide. And forget about comparing living costs, as Singapore is 3.8 times more expensive than Malaysia. You require a minimum of SGD 1300–1600 monthly to thrive in Singapore.

Compared to Singapore, Malaysia has an 81% lower average cost of living. Singapore was second, while Malaysia came in at 142 on the list of the world’s most expensive nations.

Establishment and incorporation of businesses-

Legal entities offered by both countries are-

  • Private Limited Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Branch Office
  • Representative Office
  • Subsidiary
  • Sole Proprietorship

Singapore allows 100% foreign investment holding, while in Malaysia, for more than 30% of foreign shareholding, you need to take permission from a foreign investment committee. To start a business in Singapore, you require only one resident collector and one shareholder; here, both could be one person, but in Malaysia, you require two nominees.

Terms and conditions for working hours and holidays-

In Malaysia, you must dedicate 48 hours a week to your work. The working hour of one day is 8 hours maximum and a holiday in a week means 6 days of work. Whereas in Singapore, around 40-45 hours you have to spend working in a week, and it can vary according to the demand and responsibility of the work as in most of the professional roles, it is not applicable.

Malaysian government law offers 10 days of paid leave for at least a year, giving 15 holidays yearly for religious purposes.

Work culture comparison in both countries-

Singapore and Malaysia both have multicultural workplaces based on respect. Among Asian countries, Malaysia has the lowest number of female employees. Still, they are working on it by educating women as the number of female employees is increasing.

Also, in work culture, there is racism, but you don’t worry. Just be aware of this culture and avoid it. Don’t put yourself in this or argue or debate on this. As there is a concept of ‘Asian Face’ they use for unique identification, they just don’t give any correction or justification to their culture. Every country has its own culture. You must get acquainted with their culture; it will take some time.

Conclusion- From a working point of view, both countries have different work cultures with different economies and living standards. Undoubtedly, Singapore provides more ease of life, higher salaries, and better options for Assignment Help services. Still, it is also noticeable that most of the salaries get spent on maintaining living standards in Singapore. So you have to decide according to your preferences in life.

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