The Most Important SEO Positioning Factors To Know This Year


Google has not made public its “All” SEO positioning algorithm, which is the basis for its computerized indexing and allows users to order pages in search results.

We only know what the search engines have told us, or the results of research and experiments conducted by certain organizations.

We all strive to be at the top of the search results for our customers. This produces good traffic and leads to business opportunities.

Google says that more than 200 factors play a part in the ranking of search results. Some of these factors relate to the domain and pages, while others are related to SEO on a technical level.

Others are external. This condition can cause your company’s site to disappear from Google SERPs for keywords relevant to your industry or activity.

We focus on the factors that are deemed most important and relevant by various studies. These are the ones that are part of a set of universally good practices.

You will learn about the importance of certain factors for correct indexing by Google, and how they can help you to prioritize your SEO efforts.

These factors include the URL, backlinks, and meta tags. They also consider keyword intent, content structure, page speed, and other SEO technical specifications. 

The architecture of your site

The way a website is constructed is the first factor that you have direct control over. You should make sure professional web development is oriented towards the goals of your webpage.

You must ensure that you include the right text in your URLs and subdirectories when you organize your website. This will help Google understand what you do and who you are and will increase your authority on your main topics.

If you are launching a website to sell machinery, and want to include content about the products you offer, you can organize your content by keeping your product categories in your URLs.

Domain Security

You’ve probably seen the “https”, at the start of our URL, on other websites. Google uses this protocol to distinguish between safe and unsafe websites (at least based on technical criteria). It, therefore, conditions its indexing.

HTTPS is a secure version of the hypertext transfer protocol. To secure your domain you will need to purchase an SSL certificate.

Incoming Links

Inbound links are links that lead to your website from elsewhere on the internet. The links can vary depending on where they come from and which page of your site they link to.

links are a way to tell Google how relevant your website is to other people who have trusted you enough to link to it on their website.

The more popular the website that links to you, the more likely you will appear in the search results. It is difficult to build links naturally, and cheating will result in a heavy penalty.

Focus on related topics

Topics can help Google determine the authority of your page based on what you want to rank for over time. For example, if you are providing transport marketing services. You can write a blog post on how to get clients for transport business.

Google is more likely to show its results if you write more on a topic. You will have five chances to be found if you create 5 pages about a topic.

If you post 60 articles, you’ll have 60 chances and Google will see you as more authoritative on that topic.

Use better keywords

Keywords are important, but topics may have a greater impact in the future. Keyword SEO is one of the key factors in a company’s web search engine optimization strategy.

Google used to only look for keywords in the early days, and today it looks at the context of your entire site.

It’s not sufficient to include the three-word phrase “best cutter” multiple times in the text if you want to achieve a high ranking for this keyword.

This can be achieved by including the keyword at least once in your text, along with other information such as property details, technical specifications, important features, ordering, etc.

Google will display websites with better user experiences if you provide interesting information for your audience. This includes how many users have clicked on your website from the search engine and how long they spent browsing, interacting with the elements of the page, or adding comments.

Create a website that is geared towards the client’s needs and you will be able to achieve a higher ranking.

Content structure

You cannot simply give your visitors the information that they want. The structure of the response to visitors is becoming more important as more websites provide good content.

The content structure should include a variety of headings and sections that make it easier to read and understand.

Bullet points, numbered lists, supporting images, and quotes can all be used to help keep readers’ attention.

Google will give you a higher ranking if your site has a high session time. This is because it shows that the content on the website is of good quality.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are easy to manage and underused by most businesses. Content managers allow you to create and edit the meta tags that are essential for SEO positioning without opening the code.

This will improve your search engine results as they help Google identify the specific goal of a web page and the role of each component on the page about the topic and the target keyword.

Meta tags can be filled with either the keyword target or specific details about that keyword.

Page Speed

Page speed is the speed at which your website loads when users click your link from the search results. Google will give you a better ranking if your site loads faster.

Also, Google recommends that your website’s pages load within three seconds. Google suggests online stores, although this can vary depending on your website’s objective. Optimize your code, images, and style sheets.

Google updates its algorithm regularly and announces only occasional big changes. The best way to improve your rankings on Google is to provide a great experience for your visitors.

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