Things to Remember While Choosing a Custom Software Development Company

Custom Software Development

Each business is unique and so are its software requirements. Hence, every organisation aims to build custom software that specifically serves its needs and helps it achieve the desired outcome. However, building sophisticated bespoke software requires you to have an experienced and expert custom software development company by your side – especially given its complexities. So, amidst the crowd of hundreds, how do you choose the right custom software development company? Here are some factors to consider.

Eight Factors to Consider While Selecting a Custom Software Development Company

From experience to commitments and client feedback, here are eight things to consider while choosing a company providing custom software development services in Durban.

  1. Company’s Technical Expertise

One of the first things you’d want to check while selecting a custom software development company is its technical expertise. It is a broad area, where you can assess the company’s expertise in various software development tools and technologies, coding proficiency, and UI/UX skills to name a few. In addition, assessing the company’s customisation capabilities can help you contribute to informed decision-making.

  • Custom Software Development Experience

Experience matters. But is it only in terms of the number of years? No. Of course, the number of years surely holds significance. However, that’s not the only factor to look for when choosing a company providing custom software development services in Durban.

Experience also refers to reviewing the various projects the company has worked on and how successfully it has delivered them. It can also involve checking the types of custom software solutions (eCommerce, banking and finance, transport, education, HR, etc.) the company has developed. It will help you gauge the custom software development company’s dependability concerning your project, its needs and complexities.

  • Technology Stack and Access

Another vital aspect to check is the bespoke software development company’s technology stack. Some technologies to look for can include but shouldn’t be limited to Java, MySQL, CodeIgniter, Python, Laravel, PHP, Angular, React, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Azure DevOps, Nagios, etc. The broader the company’s technology stack, the richer the software product in terms of features and functionalities.

  • Scope of Custom Software Development

A company’s custom software development services in Durban shouldn’t remain confined to only design and development. Ideally, the company should also offer other services like software integration, API development and API integration, software migration, software upgrades, and software maintenance services as well.

You will require these services at various times during your use of the software solution. Of course, you cannot step out searching for a software maintenance partner then. Accordingly, look for a custom software development company offering these essential services to have comprehensive support by your side when you need it.

  • Software Development Methodology

In addition to the above, you should also check the company’s software development methodology. The four most prominent and widely followed software development approaches or methodologies include the following.

  • DevOps: A collaborative approach to enhance work throughout the software development lifecycle
  • Scrum: A flexible, adaptable and quick agile development methodology based on iterative processes
  • Agile: An approach promoting collaboration, constant improvement and that helps manage a project by breaking it down into various phases
  • Waterfall: A sequential approach involving completing each phase completely before beginning the next

Check if the company is expert enough to adopt the above and any other additional software development methodologies to expedite and enhance software development.

  • Team Members

Connect with the custom software development company’s team members as well. Interact with them before you begin the project to vet their capabilities, knowledge and understanding of your project. Besides, make sure that you also ask the software development company which of its services are outsourced and insourced.

Outsourcing can bring an entirely new dimension to the project’s landscape. So, get the credibility of outsourced vendors verified and seek a proper commitment concerning the vendor for the availability of every resource.

  • Software Development Package

Cost plays a significant role in custom software development. Accordingly, check out the company’s various software development packages and their inclusions. You may want to negotiate a bit but not at the cost of quality, flexibility and scalability.

  • Existing and Past Client Feedback

Finally, emphasize speaking with the company’s existing and past clients and inquire about its success with them. You may attempt to get as much information as possible from the clients to know the prospective custom software development vendor better. It can also strengthen your position while negotiating cost, SLAs and development time.

As a side note, stay away from companies hesitating to provide the contact number of their clients. Genuine companies wouldn’t be reluctant to do it. Besides, refrain from custom software development companies making seemingly unreal and tall promises. Ideally, the custom software development company should show the real picture and stay transparent across every aspect of the project.

Final Words

Developing a custom software platform or solution is a significant decision and involves a considerable investment. Hence, you should remain extra careful and inquisitive while choosing a custom software development company for your needs.

Making the wrong choice can let all the investment down the drain. Let alone the time and effort you’ll waste working with incapable people.

So, while hoping that the above factors help you make the right choice, we wish you luck in your bespoke software development venture.

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