Things You Need To Learn About The Uses Of Gear Hob Cutters

Things You Need To Learn About The Uses Of Gear Hob Cutters

Gear is a prime mechanical part used in all types of machines to make its parts move through the help of its circular rotating parts which consist of two cogs or inserted teeth which overlaps and fits from one cogwheel to another for smooth rotation. This is used to convert the torque and speed in the machinery.

They are available in varied shapes, sizes, weights, materials manufactured, etc. Gears evolved way back to the 4th century BC in China. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about some of the gear hob cutters suppliers here in India, a detailed evaluation of their uses, the way it works on machines, how they are produced in India, the average price, and many more.

What do you understand by hobbing?

The machines or instruments used to cut gears are called hob cutters or hobbing machines, and the whole process is called hobbing. These are milling machines that cut out the teeth of the gear from the base material and multiple cuts are applied to the metal to create gear. This is the most budget-friendly way to manufacture gear.

The gear hobbing process is not only used for cutting out the teeth of gear but also for cutting out splines and sprockets. Splines are those teeth or ridges placed on a drive shaft to transfer torque through rotation. Sprockets are combined mechanical instruments consisting of a metal mesh wheel with grooves or teeth along with a chain consisting of metal balls.

A hob is a machine that consists of two skew spindles to cut out the teeth through the thick metal of any shape or thickness. These are fully automatic machines where the spindle adjusts the size of the metal and the gear to be manufactured. The role of a hob is at the last as at first the metal or the workpiece is placed on twin shafts which measure the number of teeth to be cut out by the hob or the helical cutting tool.

How to gear hob cutters manufactured?

Gear hob cutters manufacturers in India use two methods to manufacture them, first, it is used on milling machines or grinding machines which are used to cut gears of different angles like radial rake angles, clearance angles, and relief angles. The second method is the cross-sectional method of creating teeth for the gears through the method of grinding out the different angles.

What are gear hobs made up of?

Gear hobs are mainly made up of high-quality stainless steel and high-quality alloyed steel.

Types of gears you can manufacture through the process of hobbing-

Helical gears-

these are fixed gears used in areas of those machines which carry a heavy load or move at very high speeds.


these gears provide straight or rotary motion means they turn in a single direction only.

Spur gears-

these are the simplest type of gear which are cylindrical or disk shape along with sharp teeth projecting out. They are used or increasing or decreasing the speed of the machine.

To conclude, the above-mentioned article provides all the details regarding hobbing and gear cutters.

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