Top 10 Ghostwriting Services & Book Writing Companies: A Comprehensive Guide



Embarking on the journey of writing a book is an exciting endeavor, but it often comes with challenges that extend beyond the creative process. Many authors turn to professional ghostwriting services and book writing companies to bring their literary visions to life. However, with a plethora of options available, finding the right partner can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the top 10 ghostwriting services and book writing companies, highlighting their strengths, specialties, and the unique offerings that make them stand out in the industry.


Reedsy is an online platform that connects authors with a curated marketplace of publishing professionals, including experienced ghostwriters. The platform allows authors to browse profiles, view portfolios, and select a ghostwriter based on their expertise and previous work. Reedsy’s user-friendly interface and commitment to quality make it a popular choice among authors seeking professional writing services.

Book Writing Inc.:

Book Writing Inc. is a reputable book writing company known for its comprehensive range of services. They offer affordable ghostwriting services across various genres, including fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, and business books. With a team of experienced writers and editors, Book Writing Inc. has garnered a positive reputation for delivering high-quality manuscripts tailored to the unique needs of each author.

Ghostwriting LLC:

Ghostwriting LLC is a well-established ghostwriting service with a team of skilled writers, editors, and publishing professionals. They specialize in a wide range of genres, from fiction and nonfiction to academic writing. Ghostwriting LLC is known for its commitment to client satisfaction, offering personalized services to authors at different stages of their writing journey.

The Ghostwriting Company:

The Ghostwriting Company boasts a team of experienced ghostwriters and publishing experts dedicated to helping authors bring their stories to life. They offer services for fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, and more. What sets The Ghostwriting Company apart is its emphasis on collaboration, ensuring that authors actively participate in shaping their narrative while benefiting from professional guidance.

Outskirts Press:

Outskirts Press is a full-service self-publishing and book writing company that provides comprehensive solutions for authors. While known for its self-publishing services, Outskirts Press also offers ghostwriting services for authors seeking assistance with their manuscripts. Their experienced team collaborates with authors to create polished and market-ready books.

Kevin Anderson & Associates:

Kevin Anderson & Associates is a prominent ghostwriting and editing firm with a team of accomplished writers and industry professionals. They cater to a diverse range of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, and academic writing. Kevin Anderson & Associates is recognized for its commitment to quality, attention to detail, and the ability to capture the unique voice of each author.

The Writing King:

The Writing King is a versatile writing service that includes ghostwriting among its offerings. With a team of skilled writers, The Writing King assists authors in various genres, from novels and memoirs to business books. They prioritize clear communication, creativity, and client satisfaction throughout the writing process.

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Ghostwriters Network:

Ghostwriters Network is a platform that connects authors with experienced ghostwriters based on their specific needs and preferences. The network features a diverse pool of writers, allowing authors to find a professional with expertise in their genre or subject matter. Ghostwriters Network emphasizes collaboration and transparency to ensure a seamless writing experience.


Penpee is an online writing platform that offers ghostwriting services among its features. It connects authors with skilled writers who can assist in developing their manuscripts. Penpee stands out for its innovative approach, allowing authors to share their stories in serialized formats and receive feedback from readers and fellow writers.

Writers Republic:

Writers Republic is a self-publishing and book writing company that provides comprehensive services for authors. While primarily known for its self-publishing solutions, Writers Republic also offers ghostwriting services to assist authors in crafting compelling narratives. Their collaborative approach and commitment to author satisfaction make them a notable player in the industry.


Choosing the right ghostwriting service or book writing company is a pivotal step in the journey of bringing your literary aspirations to fruition. The top 10 services and companies mentioned in this guide each bring unique strengths and offerings to the table. Whether you prioritize collaboration, comprehensive services, or a specific genre expertise, there’s a service that aligns with your needs.

Before making a decision, carefully assess your goals, budget, and preferences. Consider reaching out to these services, reviewing their portfolios, and discussing your project to ensure a good fit. Ultimately, the right ghostwriting service or book writing company is one that not only meets your expectations but elevates your vision, turning your story into a captivating and professionally crafted book.


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