Top 10 platformers available for iOS and Android


Top 10 numerous classic games have come from the platforming game genre. These are the best platform games available for download and play on mobile devices.
Platform games have long been a favorite genre. The challenging jumps and moves are made possible by the 2D perspective, which is usually rather annoying. This video game genre has a lengthy history, yet it is still quite popular today. Today, you may play even platform games right from your phone.
If you need help using the app store on your phone, we are here to help. This list includes some of the best platform games on mobile devices. Since all of the games are accessible on both iOS and Android, you can select whichever one catches your attention.

Top 10: Dead Cells

Dead Cells frequently makes lists, and with good reason. As the “Prisoner,” your objective in this roguelike-Metroidvania is to fight your way across the island setting to slay the game’s monster.
This game’s combat is described as “Souls-lite”. Therefore, Dead Cells is essentially more forgiving than games like Dark Souls. In the end, the roguelike mechanic in Dead Cells will keep you intrigued.

With Cave Story from 2004, the Metroidvania craze gained new life and never looked back. Modern iterations of the genre have added creative twists while maintaining the genre’s compelling action and exploration. With a rather peculiar twist, Dead Cells faithfully continues that tradition. The urge to keep characters alive has been ingrained in games for fifty years, but Dead Cells’ roguelite roots almost demand that you die often in order to triumph.

The Beheaded must make his way out of the prison plagued with malaise in one life, arming and equipping himself along the way. That one life depends on the deaths of many others. Progressing and finishing Dead Cells is noticeably less frustrating if you know where to start because there aren’t many narrative indications to go on.

Top 10: Super Mario Run

It’s challenging to talk about platformers without mentioning Mario. This iconic franchise now has Super Mario Run, a mobile game that can be played. It is packed of traditional platformers. You play as Mario, who is constantly running in this game.
By tapping the screen, you can jump up to get coins while fending off attacks. Due of its simplicity, Super Mario Run can be played pretty much anywhere. You don’t have to set aside a specific amount of time; you can just bring out your phone and play wherever you are.

In Super Mario Run, the user directs Mario or other characters as they move automatically around the screen, collecting coins and dodging obstacles and foes by timing their leaps. It follows a typical Super Mario game scenario in which Mario must free Princess Peach after she has recently been imprisoned by Bowser. However, the Mushroom Kingdom, which Bowser devastated, must also be rebuilt. The game, which featured many comparable gameplay elements adjusted for the convenience of mobile controllers, was developed mostly by the same team that had created New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS with input from the series creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Super Mario Run’s first three levels can be played for free, but to access the other levels, you must make a one-time payment.

The majority of critics gave Super Mario Run good reviews. The game’s replay value and addictive gameplay were largely commended by reviewers, but typical criticisms included the game’s relatively high price in the mobile market and its requirement for online connectivity. In the first week, it had 50 million downloads, making it the most popular smartphone game. As of September 2018, there have been 300 million downloads.

Top 10: Terraria

Terraria is the next game. This is a little distinctive when compared to the other products on our list. In 2011, Terraria, a 2D variation of Minecraft with a little more structure, became initially accessible for PC users. You can build the foundation of your dreams on the surface, and you can also travel deep into the Underworld to battle dangerous enemies.
There are a ton of bosses in Terraria, each located in a separate region. So, in order to find (or summon) the boss, you’ll need to be ready and head out with your gear. Platformers and fans of sandbox games should play Terraria in general.

Dan The Man

Your goal in the video game Dan the Man is to complete each level by taking out all enemies in your way. Many people liken Dan the Man to Punch Quest, an infinite runner where your objective is to punch as many opponents as you can, and other Mario games.
Without any unnecessary additions, Dan the Man thrives at its simple run and attack gameplay. Even though this game has advertisements, it’s worthwhile to spend the little in-app purchase to remove them.

Top 10: Oddmar

The voyage taken by the title character, Oddmar, to win Valhalla’s approval, is the core of the narrative. Even though this software isn’t entirely free, many users consider it to be among the best games available on mobile platforms. The art design is interesting enough to keep you fascinated with its stunning surroundings and fluid movement.
If you enjoy the video game Rayman, you’ll be pleased to learn that Oddmar draws inspiration from it. Rayman isn’t available for iOS or Android, therefore Oddmar is the best portable option.

Top 10: Dadish

The term “Dadish” is a mashup of the words “dad” and “radish,” who is the story’s main character. His small radish progeny disappeared in the game, and you have to find them. This simple, cute platformer also has a plot that is unexpectedly uplifting.

If the original game, Dadish, captured your heart, try Dadish 2. In this sequel, where the children once again vanish, our radish father brought the kids to work. Overall, these games are brief and enjoyable, providing for a special experience.


Platform games have advanced thanks to Levelhead, and now you can make your own and share it with others. While employed by the Bureau of Shipping, you will be charged with developing challenging and entertaining platform levels.

Playing other players’ courses and making your own will pass the time. If you choose to design your own, you will be able to keep track of how many people try it and how long it takes them to finish.

Top 10: Sword Of Xolan

In Sword of Xolan, a platformer and an RPG are combined. The game has a ton of content for you to discover and simple pixel art graphics.

A total of 30 stages are available to play, which are broken down into acts featuring three “End of Act” monsters and dozens of other minor opponents. Without a doubt, Sword Of Xolan is a fantastic platform game that brings back memories of the NES and SNES.

Super Mombo Quest

Despite its amusing appearance, Super Mombo Quest is a challenging Metroidvania game with hundreds of locations for you to explore and tough foes to battle.

Super Mombo Quest is comparable to Super Meat Boy and Celeste, two other fantastic platformers. As you explore Subrosa in Super Mombo Quest, you may enjoy equally fantastic music to go with its amazing pixel graphics.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is the final game. This game was released in 2013 (nearly the same as basketball stars), therefore it is older. You assume the character of a small shape in the rhythm-based infinite runner Geometry Dash and go through a level that is packed with obstacles.

The music in the background serves as a “guide,” and several taps are timed to the beat of the music. If you’ve had enough of dancing through them all, you can make your own. You can create levels for others to play, much like Levelhead, and play those created by individuals all over the world.

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