Top 10 Survival Games for Smartphones in 2023

Have you ever had the thought that all you would need to survive in a post-apocalyptic world would be your wits and instincts? What if we told you that you can have this excitement right there on your phone? You read it correctly: mobile survival games have swept the gaming industry, and we’re here to tell you everything about the finest ones!

In this article, we’ll examine the best survival games for mobile devices and talk about the distinctive gameplay elements and captivating settings that draw players back time and time again. These games will put your mettle to the test and sharpen your strategic thinking unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, from making and constructing shelters to foraging for food and fighting off dangerous monsters.

These survival games are even considered by mobile gaming specialist Jane Smith to be the “ultimate test of skill and resourcefulness for gamers on the go.”

So, are you prepared to go off on a heroic quest for survival and knowledge? Join us as we explore the realm of mobile survival games, where survival depends on players’ ingenuity and where the stakes are great. Keep in mind that only the strongest will survive, and your smartphone might be the difference between you and the competitors.

Don’t Starve – Pocket Edition

Don’t Starve - Pocket Edition

Don’t go hungry, eat something like a sandwich. Okay, but in all seriousness, if you want a survival game, Don’t Starve is a good choice, and the mobile version is a very good version of the game.

You play as Wilson. Was this on purpose, or was it just a happy accident? and end up alone in the woods with few or no supplies. You have to dig deep, cut down trees, hunt for food, and stay strong against the weather.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is a cute game with many dangerous situations and creatures that want to ruin your day. Don’t let them. Find your inner Bear Grylls, make your way through this strange land, figure out what it’s all about, and find your way back home.

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Angel Dust

Angel Dust

In this free-to-play MMORPG, players can enjoy destructible environments, numerous building possibilities, and four distinct character classes. Explore various regions, battle monsters, accumulate coins, and discover treasures.

Offering both first-person and third-person viewpoints, the game uniquely blends 3D environments with 2D cartoon-style character art, creating an engaging experience. Players can also teleport between saved locations without needing to traverse the distance manually.

Angel Dust welcomes those eager to embrace their inner builder or adventurer in a true sandbox experience. Its building system bears similarities to Minecraft and Trove. Participate in daily quests and conquer world bosses.

Experience the game solo or join friends in multiplayer mode, exploring the vast world together and tackling challenges as a team.



It’s a harsh world out there, and, no matter where you are – be it in the frozen mountain landscapes, a scorching desert, or luscious jungles – zombies are everywhere. One of the best things about LifeAfter is that it doesn’t force you to endure such hostility alone.

You can form friendships, each of which strengthens your chances of survival. Well, that’s assuming they don’t betray you at the first opportunity. Remember, it’s not just about avoiding becoming zombie chow, but also finding food for yourself, and building a shelter that’s capable of protecting you from everything that wants to end your life.

Epic Raft Fighting Zombies

Epic Raft Fighting Zombies

This thrilling adventure game finds you stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean, fighting to survive. Collect items from the water to craft armor and weapons, but prioritize finding food and water to maintain your strength and vitality.

Venture to various islands to gather resources and repair your raft. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, expect to fend off adversaries such as sharks, crabs, and even zombies, making this a true survival experience.

Stay vigilant regarding the weather, as different conditions can affect you in various ways. Overall, this game is a solid choice for fans of raft survival sub-genre games.

Stormfall – Saga of Survival

Stormfall - Saga of Survival

Survival games don’t have to just be about post-apocalyptic worlds and zombies, you know. Sometimes it’s nice to forget about the walking dead, and return to a time where it’s a bunch of angry people casting you out into exile – I know this still isn’t a great scenario, but at least there are no zombies about.

In Stormfall, you must do what it takes to survive as you build a new life for yourself in exile. You need to fight off starvation, withstand the elements, develop weapons, craft gear, and learn what it means to truly be a survivor.

Just Survive

Just Survive

Just Survive is an action-packed survival game where you control a castaway trapped on an apparently deserted island in FPS mode.

Each day is a battle, and survival for even a moment longer is a small triumph. Starting with basic tools, progress through the game to access a vast array of weapons, including bows, arrows, handguns, and rifles.

Confront diverse enemies like wild boars, bears, and aggressive mutants. Enhance your shelter, tools, and weaponry to endure as long as possible.

Ark – Survival Evolved

Ark - Survival Evolved

Okay, we’re going even further back this time, to a period before humans walked the earth. Ark: Survival Evolved sends you to a place where dinosaurs roam the lands, and if you thought surviving at Scout’s camp was tough, well, you’re in for a rude awakening with this one.

Honestly, if ever there was a time to yell ‘I’m a survivor’ this is it, and the chances are you’re truly alone, so nobody is going to tell you to shut up – though a dinosaur’s way of doing this may be to eat you, so there’s that.

Ark features all the stereotypical survival game elements – you must scavenge for food, resources, and set up camp. Furthermore, you need to modify what you wear, given the cold and heat are just as likely to kill you as a dino – such fun.

Ocean is Home 2

Ocean is Home 2

Try out a first-person life game that takes place on a beautiful island. You’ll land in a beautiful open world with many islands and archipelagos, where you’ll build a life by building a house, buying a car, making friends, and looking for work or a career path.

You can be a truck driver, a doctor, or anything else. As you grow up, go to different places and collect useful items and resources that you can use to improve your house and things. Each island has its own racetracks that you can use to improve your house.

You can even take over an entire island and build bases while keeping an eye out for possible threats. Overall, this fun game lets you explore a huge open world full of interesting things to do without leaving your home.

Live or Die – Zombie Survival

Live or Die - Zombie Survival

Here’s another game that features both a post-apocalyptic world and an obscene amount of zombies. You know the drill, gather supplies, craft your gear, and go bash a few brain munchers.

Of course, it’s all about survival of the fittest here, and that means that not only must you build a base to keep the brain loving crazies outside, but a fortress that can keep out your fellow survivors. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, so all that’s left to say is live or die. Make your choice.

LOST in Blue

LOST in Blue

Similar to the TV show Lost, this thrilling multiplayer zombie survival RPG starts with players stuck on a zombie-infested island after a plane accident.

To battle zombies and other dangerous enemies, players must collect materials, make tools, build structures, collaborate with other players, interact with the environment, and use a variety of weaponry. Before setting out to explore the island, you must go food hunting and upgrade your home.

The final objective is to stay alive and discover a method to return, maybe by building a raft or aircraft. This distinctive and captivating game is strongly suggested if you like top-down survival games.

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