Top 10 Thief Games You Can Play

Theft is illegal. The fascination with thieves, particularly those who can carry off spectacular heists, remains unabated, despite this. This explains the appeal of programs like Money Heist, Red Notice, Lupin, and others. People are enthralled by the meticulous preparation required and how such heists are accomplished. You won’t need to speculate any longer thanks to these thief games. Without running the danger of really committing a crime, you may enjoy the rush of stealing and avoiding detection.

How? You can play a lot of thief games online, I suppose. However, we’ll outline some of the better ones in this blog article. They ought to provide as a solid foundation for learning how to become a great thief.

Given the variety of alternatives, choosing the best thief game might be challenging. As we said, this report will assist you in discovering and taking pleasure in the ideal “heist” when doing your task. Check out the gameplay for these games right now.

1. Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion by Metacore Games Oy is at the top of the list of the best games like Homescapes. In this game, you play the part of Maddie and have to redecorate a house while looking for family secrets. To start redecorating, you have to combine different things to get the one thing you need to use.

As you play Merge Mansion, you’ll be able to open up and fix up more rooms as you go. As you open and redecorate rooms, you’ll learn many family secrets, as well as Maddie’s grandmother’s surprise secret. Don’t forget to choose old, higher-level things that can help your trip a lot.

merge mansion gameplay on pc

2. Lily’s Garden

Lily’s Garden by Tactile Games is another interesting game that should be on the list of the best games like Homescapes. As the name of the game suggests, you’ll play as Lily Roberts, whose Great-Aunt Mary left her a house. Lily has 30 days to fix up the abandoned house and fully claim the land.

In Lily’s Garden, you must reach the matched level before you can start your repair job. With the prizes you get from these levels, you can fix up and decorate the house. You will not only be able to restore the house to its former glory, but you will also have the chance to meet new people who could become your friends or even the love of your life.

lilys garden download full version

3. Matchington Mansion

Matchington Mansion by Firecraft Studios comes in at number three on the list of the best games like Homescapes. To fix up the house, you have to solve different match-3 tasks. If you like match-3 games a lot, you’ll be able to figure out how the puzzle parts of this game work in no time.

In Matchington Mansion, you don’t just play match-3 levels. You also have to make smart choices and meet different people along the way. These parts will have a big effect on the story and can even make the game more fun to play.

matchington mansion online

4. Gardenscapes

If you really like Homescapes and want to try something else by the same creator, you should choose Gardenscapes. In this easy match-3 game, you’ll play as a character who has just acquired a house with a beautiful yard.

In Gardenscapes, your goal is to make the yard part of the house look better. To do this, you have to finish a lot of match-3 levels, which will give you the materials you need to make the garden look better. Accessing NPCs, pets, power-ups, and boosts can also make your game more fun and useful.

Gardenscapes Buy Bench Decoration

5. Home Design Makeover

Home Design Makeover by Storm8 Studios is a must-play if you’re tired of the same old stories and want to try something different. In this match-3 and interior design game, you’ll make changes to different homes using a huge variety of styles. But you have to go with what your business wants.

You have to play a lot of match-3 rounds to get the things you need to start working on a house. Home Design Makeover is even more fun because it lets you meet people from all over the world, including celebrities and others Run 3.

home design makeover download free

6. My Home – Design Dreams

ZenLife Games’ My Home – Design Dreams is one of the best new games like Homescapes. In this simple game, you have to use your best interior design skills in different rooms of a house, from the living room to the bedroom to the backyard.

In My Home, you have to play different match-3 levels to get coins that you’ll use to buy different pieces of furniture for the room. In addition to arranging the rooms, you’ll meet people who can help you on your trip.

my home - design dreams

7. Word Mansion

Apprope AB’s Word Mansion is the seventh best game like Homescapes on the list. In this game, you’ll step into Anna’s shoes and solve different word puzzles to fix up the broken house. In word puzzles, you have to use letters that are put together at random to make more than one word. There are also some tricky puzzles to figure out.

When you solve a certain problem, you’ll get stars that you can use to do things like decorate. Word Mansion’s levels get harder as you go, so keep in mind that as you move through the game, each new level will be harder than the one before it.

word mansion pc download

8. Home & Garden: Design Makeover

Home & Garden: Design Makeover by Goodgame Studios is another game that has both match-3 and interior design features. In this fun game, you’ll be a creative house builder who is in charge of many different home improvement jobs. You must choose coins, which will be your main source of money in the game, before you can start designing.

In Home & Garden, you have to answer different match-3 problems to get coins. When we say “match-3 puzzles,” we mean games where you have to put together at least three similar pieces to reach a certain goal in a certain number of moves. Keep in mind that every house you fix up in the game must fit the tastes of the client or owner.

home and garden download free

9. Munchkin Match: Magic Home Building

Munchkin Match is a fun and different game that you shouldn’t miss if you want to play something new. In this game, you’ll play match-3 rounds while redoing a magical home.

Every match-3 level you beat in Munchkin Match will give you stars based on how well you did. Your won stars will be used to fix up the broken-down blimp of Lemi. There are a lot of different styles to look at, and you can add furniture if you want to.

munchkin match gameplay on pc

10. Royal Garden Tales – Match 3 Puzzle Decoration

Lab Cave Games’ Royal Garden Tales rounds out the list of the best games like Homescapes. Like the games above, you have to play different match-3 tasks and add a yard to the old house. You will help Amelia on his exciting journey with Lulu, the cute pixie.

You have to play different match-3 levels, just like in the games above, to decorate the empty houses. The first levels should be easy to get through, but as you go on, the levels will get harder. You can choose boosts, tips, and tools to help you get through these hard levels and finish them quickly.

royal garden tales download free

Play the Best Games Like Homescapes

There you have it, then! We hope that this list of the top games similar to Homescapes will assist you in locating the greatest substitutes for the stated game. Each game on this list has a distinctive situation and obstacle that will keep you interested for a long time. The fact that you can download these games for free makes them even more amazing.

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