What Are The 5 Major Types Of Skirt?

Types Of Skirt

Skirts are one of those dress materials that are classic and timeless. There has never been a point where a major types of skirt has gone out of fashion or lost its class.

From our grandmothers, to our mothers and now us, skirts are those timeless pieces of clothing that keep making their way back into the fashion industry. Skirts are not only comfortable but also a major fashion statement. They are inclusive and look good on every body type.

Women are blessed with different body types and therefore have the liberty to choose from the huge variety of the types of skirts that the fashion industry has to offer.

The 5 Most Trendy Types Of Skirts That You Can Pick From:  

Choosing the right types of skirts for yourself can be the trickiest part. It could become daunting and challenging for you to determine which skirts are the ideal for you because there are so many alternatives available to you as well as a variety of designs and trends.

It is indeed intimidating to decide which type of skirt goes best with your favorite Carhartt jacket for a winter stroll, or which one can be styled perfectly to be one of your best bridal shower dresses for your best friend’s wedding.

To help you out with this confusion, here is a list of 5 simple yet elegant skirts that are perfect for you if you don’t want to be too experimental and stick to the smile classics.

A-Line Skirts  

A-Line skirts are one of the most comfortable types of skirts that you can choose. Not only will they comfort you, but they also look very elegant in the most casual way.

These skirts flare out very lightly from the waist, which makes them very comfortable to walk and move in, and do not require any additional slits. The skirt’s waistband is made in a way that it grabs onto your waist and gives your abdomen a very flattering shape.

Maxi Skirts  

Maxi skirts are the ultimate queens of your wardrobe. Owning one maxi skirt can be the ultimate upgrade of your style statement. A maxi skirt is an equivalent of a classic Maxi dress and is just as loved and appreciated.

The long length of these skirts looks effortless and can make you look like you are aware of your fashion choices. A timeless maxi skirt is one way to establish the vogue for the world to admire. Our generation is preoccupied with creating trends, and a timeless maxi skirt is one way to do this.

Styling a maxi skirt is easy. You can easily pair it with a simple tank top or a camisole. With the dressing trends coming back from the 18th century, you can also pair a corset and minimum jewelry to create that perfect vintage look.

Pencil Skirt  

A pencil skirt is the ultimate go-to option while picking your favorite types of skirts has to be a pencil skirt. These elegant skirts are the one step to achieving a classy formal business look.

Pencil skirts have a fitted waistband, and the shape of the skirt is made in such a way that it sticks to the shape of your body, accentuates your figure, and looks phenomenal.

Also get a large palette of colors and patterns to choose from. You don’t necessarily have to stick to blacks and greys because they are formal. You can easily experiment with light or dark pastel colors. Try to avoid very bright colors, which look unflattering with the skirt’s style.

You can also choose from different patterns. A classic checkered or leopard-printed pencil skirt, simple silk button-up shirt, and stilettos can be the epitome of formal fashion.

Midi Skirt  

A midi skirt is one of the fashion favorites among all of the types of skirts to ever exist out there. This type of skirt is the one choice that always goes right in fashion. As comfortable as they are, they also look very street chic and give the ultimate summer vibes.

Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas to Blake Lively were all seen rocking the streets of Los Angeles in their very summer and bright midi skirts in 2023.

They are not just perfect for street styles but also very classy regarding high-end fashion. A well-fitted midi skirt with a tank top and a blazer can make you look like the ultimate diva on the red carpet.

Mini Skirt  

Although the name suggests mini, a mini skirt is one of the bold types of skirts you can wear. Its short length accentuates your legs and makes you look tall and elegant.

Mini skirts have always been in high fashion and have never gone out of style. Be it a low waist slit mini skirt worn by Sydney Sweeny on the red carpet of the MTV Awards or a simple and chic school girl mini skirt worn by the fashion icon Bella Hadid, the wide range and styling options of a mini skirt gives you a big opportunity to choose and pick from.


2023 is the year of comfort blending in with style. Nobody likes trends that only look good on them; they choose comfort first. We all saw the transition from well fitted clothes to the obsession of oversized fits. Was it only about fashion? Comfort had a huge part to play in it too.

A skirt will forever be a fashion favorite. Different types of skirts will go out of fashion, and within a blink of an eye, their replacements will flood the market as well; this is how fashion works. Trends come in and go by. But some trends are always there to stay. They never get old; even if they do, they always find their way back to the pedestal where they belong.

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