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An elderly priest from Varanasi’s historic neighborhood struggled for years against being forced out, only to now embrace change as part of his community.

On a visit to Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched several schemes worth crores as well as opening the One World TB Summit. He spoke about living a life guided by values and principles.

News about Varanasi

Varanasi (also referred to as Benares or Kashi) is revered by Hindu pilgrims as one of their holiest pilgrimage destinations. Its legends can be found in ancient texts like Puranas and Vedas; Hindus believe that should they die within its walls and have their ashes immersed into Ganges River after death they will find liberation from reincarnation cycle.

Varanasi is renowned as a center for religious and cultural activities. Historically associated with spiritualism, mysticism, Sanskrit literature and writing. Many great Indian authors such as Kabir and Tulsidas have made Varanasi their home; furthermore it was here where yoga and Ayurveda developed into widely practiced practices.

Varanasi is not only significant from a cultural and religious viewpoint, but is also renowned as a major economic centre. Specifically known for its production of Muslim fabrics and silk fabric products; perfumes; and ivory work. Furthermore, there are numerous colleges and universities located here.

News about Health

Varanasi is famed for both its spiritual significance and riverfront ghats that line River Ganga. Dev Diwali sees these ghats illuminated with earthen lamps held aloft by devotees for Dev Diwali festivities; over 10 lakh diyas will be lit on Diwali Eve alone! Watch full news coverage in this video by Nyooz-India’s first city-centric local video news platform.

SpiceJet announced on Friday morning, nearly two weeks after its Varanasi-Benares flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Patna, that it will operate this flight again starting Friday morning despite giving no reason why previous flights had to be canceled.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Varanasi today to unveil various projects, such as a tent city on the banks of the river Ganga. He spoke about India’s amazing transformation, unthinkable only several years ago. Additionally, he inaugurated One World TB Summit and laid the foundation stone for various initiatives.

News about Politics

Varanasi (Banaras), known for its iconic riverfront ghats along the Ganges and silk production with gold and silver threadwork. However, it’s also famous for being home to some of India’s earliest signs of civilization as well as serving as an epicenter of religion and politics for centuries.

The BJP has launched an offensive against Akhilesh Yadav’s party in Uttar Pradesh ahead of March 7 elections, by inaugurating projects worth crores during his one-day visit to his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi and speaking at the One World TB Summit and declaring “India will win” against tuberculosis. Prime Minister Modi made this declaration at a rally held near Varanasi on January 22.

The saffron-clad crowd was buzzing with excitement, applauding Modi and waving flags of the BJP. This gathering signalled their interest in taking control of Uttar Pradesh from Akhilesh Yadav’s SP government which currently holds power there.

News about Delta Variance Cases

Nyooz provides Varanasi news compiled from research and groundwork, keeping you abreast of health improvement measures being undertaken and planned by UP government, as well as Covid status in UP and changes to Ganga River. Finally, they keep you up to date with Politics activities taking place across UP.

Over one year into a pandemic, highly transmissible Delta variant influenza strains have surged in countries where vaccination rates remain low and hospital systems are overburdened, though experts warn that it’s too soon to tell whether this strain is making people sicker and whether vaccination is providing protection.

PM Narendra Modi tweeted his congratulations and expressed his happiness to Indian team for winning Asia Cup in Australia, and encouraged everyone to support efforts made by government in promoting tourism in their respective nations.

News about Restriction due to Covid Situation

Akanksha Dubey was found dead in a hotel room in Varanasi on Sunday and police have registered an FIR against those suspected in her death, aged 25.

On Magh Purnima in Varanasi, thousands of devotees flocked to the Ganga ghats to take a holy dip in the river and celebrate Magh Purnima with earthen lamps illuminated along each ghat for Magh Purnima.

Narendra Modi will unveil projects totalling over Rs 1780 crore during his visit to his Varanasi parliamentary constituency on Friday. These will include flagging off MV Ganga Vilas river cruise and unveiling Tent City projects as well as laying foundation stones for several projects.

The Supreme Court has postponed conducting an independent scientific survey to ascertain the age of an alleged Shivling located at Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi. This decision follows advice from Allahabad High Court and has drawn strong opposition from Vishwa Hindu Parishad, among other stakeholders.

News about Frauds

Varanasi police has arrested two individuals suspected of engaging in a NEET solvers scam. One of them, a medical student from KGMU Lucknow and another resident from Mau district respectively, were believed to be finding aspirants on behalf of Patna-based solvers’ gang, then charging money from them in return for appearing in their exam on their behalf.

PM Modi will attend the day-long summit on TB-Mukt Panchayat and dedicate projects totalling Rs 1,780 crore, as well as lay the foundation stone of a Ganga ropeway in Varanasi.

French tourist Sylvain Guerin pledged his commitment to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Clean Ganga Campaign after visiting Varanasi, a riverside city dating back 3,000 years, where cleanliness is at a premium. Guerin was particularly impressed by Varanasi’s cleanliness initiative and pledged his pledge during his visit.

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