Numerous products can help you document workflows and design processes. However, how can you determine which will work best for your needs? This blog article will look at AutoCAD’s wide range of options and features. While employing AutoCAD offers many benefits, the primary goal of this blog is to aid you in picking the AutoCAD one that’s right for your needs. If you’re looking for the most effective Electrical CAD Course in Chennai, you should consider CADD Centre, which gains trust between professionals and students by offering top classes in CAD.

In the first place, Autodesk has dropped the separate “vertical” cad program subscriptions (i.e., architectural electrical, mechanical, MEP, etc.) by launching AutoCAD 2019, also referred to in the industry as “One AutoCAD,” and it now provides access to “specialized toolsets” for each field within one AutoCAD subscription. That is, there is no need to purchase a variety of AutoCAD items depending on your industry; instead, get the AutoCAD subscription. Specialist toolkits are available that cater to various industries and a “vanilla” edition of AutoCAD.

Best AutoCAD Versions

These tools have features and libraries tailored explicitly for particular areas of expertise or trades to automate and speed up the design documenting process, whether 3D or 2D modeling like in 3D Virtual Truck Customization App.

This new AutoCAD offers more flexibility in functionality within the ever-changing BIM environment by providing automated workflows and libraries of bright parts such as symbolism and building objects. Let’s look at an overview of the choices to help you choose the right tools for your needs.

The following products are included within this bundle “AutoCAD incorporating specialized toolsets” pile that is available to you.

AutoCAD (Windows & Mac)

  • They are used by designers from a spectrum of industries and specialty areas.
  • It is often referred to as “the “vanilla” or “basic” version of AutoCAD on which all the follows are based.
  • Tools for drawing and annotation for modeling and visualizing tools and for creating 3D models to aid in 2D documentation.
  • The program can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of each office or user. Habits.

Architecture using AutoCAD

  • Usage by architects and designers.
  • Consider AutoCAD Architecture as a bridge between AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit’s parametric model.
  • Offers tools for automating the process of making 2-D designs, timetables, and other duties, such as documentation.
  • Over 8000 intelligent design elements and architectural components.

AutoCAD Mechanical

  • Experts from production, designing products, and mechanical engineering employ it.
  • Offers resources and AutoCAD Mechanical training to automate mechanical engineering tasks, such as making machine parts, estimating, and preparing an invoice of materials.
  • More than 70,000 intelligent items.

Featured/Key Tools:

  • Layer management allows you to create, isolate, and alter line types and weights in layer groups.
  • Hidden Lines: Reduce work by automatizing the updating of geometry every time a change occurs.
  • The belt, spring, and cam generator designs can be easily analyzed using machine generators and calculators.

Electrical in AutoCAD

  • It is used by those who work in the field of documenting electrical control systems, for example, electrical engineers.
  • Offers all the tools needed to create panel layouts, schematics, and various electrical drawings.
  • More than 65,000 clever symbologies

Featured/New Tools:

  • We are making and updating custom reports regularly.
  • Collaboration between sellers and buyers Collaboration between sellers and buyers: Distribute DWG diagrams to parties interested quickly.
  • Project Management Made Easy for electrical drafting requirements Use folders to organize sketches and documents.

3D AutoCAD Map

  • It is designed for people who must utilize and manage CAD and GIS information to manage data designing, planning, and management.
  • Users can generate, store, and distribute GIS and mapping information within AutoCAD. AutoCAD drawing software.
  • Manages GIS data and blends the data with design information using tasks-based software.

Featured/New Tools:

  • We are utilizing the feature data object (FDO) technology. Work with spatial data with various coordinate systems and CAD formats.
  • Join ArcGIS streamlining the transfer of data from ArcGIS Map 3D and Map 3D and maintain the precision of feature information.
  • They are converting DWG data into GIS Data and Convert data accurately with MapImport and MapExport.


  • Experts working in the prevention of fire, plumbing, electrical engineering, and mechanical use this.
  • Offers 3D and 2D tools for CAD to design the design and layout of MEP buildings system.
  • 10,000 or greater MEP intelligent objects.

Featured/Key Tools:

  • The workspace settings of MEP include custom-designed palettes and ribbons with specialized functions.
  • Convert symbols and blocks at a time using the AutoCAD block converter tool.
  • Styles Browser: Add folders into the Content Library and obtain new MEP components.

Plant 3D in AutoCAD

  • We used it for a model of plants in 3D design.
  • The site provides resources to create and disseminate orthographic, isometric, and materials reports.
  • In addition, it provides resources for creating drawings of plant layouts and additional graphics needed to design the plant.
  • Over 400 plants are intelligent.

Collaboration with Plant 3D

Maintain compliance requirements while developing plant models alongside other project teams using a cloud-based system.

Making P&IDs P&ID fast:

 AutoCAD context-sensitive commands make P&ID creating a P&ID much easier.

Validation of data: Examine P&IDs to ensure data is consistent by using user-defined rules to detect errors.

Design for AutoCAD Raster

It is designed to assist users with editing scans and the raster-to-DWG conversion.

Featured/Key Tools:

  • Mirror, despeckle, bias, and then touch-up images using editing and cleanup.
  • Utilize the standard AutoCAD commands to manipulate raster regions and basic shapes when using raster entity manipulation (REM).
  • Instruments for vectorization: images can be turned into vector drawings by adding lines and polylines.
  • Image Transformation Function: Utilize Image Transformation Functionality: Use the AutoCAD Map 3D toolkit and Civil 3D engineering software to visualize and analyze geo-photographs.


The most effective AutoCAD option can be challenging. With Autodesk’s comprehensive option for AutoCAD, which will be available in 2019, making the choice is now easier.

Whether to use AutoCAD or move to a program more geared towards fully BIM, like Revit, many alternative 3D modeling tool options exist, including Revit, Solidworks, Sketchup, Rhino, or Solidworks.

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