When is in IVF Treatment Pakistan recommended?

IVF Cost in Pakistan

In vitro fertilization, IVF Treatment Pakistan is recommended for couples facing infertility due to various causes, including medical problems and genetic disorders for both partners. It can be about endometriosis, vaginal infections, blocked or removed fallopian tubes, low ovarian reserve, poor quality oocytes, low sperm count or reduced sperm mobility, cancer, unexplained infertility, genetic disorders, and advanced age.

IVF Treatment Pakistan

Unfortunately, experts warn that the age of couples who use the in vitro fertilization procedure has decreased more and more and urge women who want a child to test their ovarian reserve, especially since now the oocytes can be frozen and stored without problems.

The factors that influence the success of the IVF procedure

Several factors can affect the success of the in vitro fertilization procedure, including the age of the patient, the quality of the transferred embryos, the history of previous pregnancies and births, the causes of infertility, and also the lifestyle (smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, caffeine consumption in excess).


The younger the patient is, the better the chances of success and giving birth to a healthy child. Women over 40 are often advised to go for the IVF procedure with donated oocytes to increase the chances.

Embryo quality

The transfer of day five embryos (blastocysts), which are very well developed, and expanded, is associated with higher success rates in achieving pregnancy than less developed embryos, such as day three embryos.

History of births and causes of infertility

Women who have previously given birth or become pregnant through IVF have more chances of success. The causes of infertility are also essential factors in the success of IVF.

Fears and risks regarding in vitro fertilization procedures

In vitro fertilization can be a stress factor both financially, physically, and emotionally; that’s why psychological counseling and the support of close people are essential if the couple decides they want this.

Among the risks of the in vitro fertilization procedure are ovarian hyperstimulation, premature birth and low birth weight of the baby, spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy, and congenital disabilities.
Recommendations, if you have decided to use the in vitro fertilization procedure

If you have decided to use the in vitro fertilization procedure, you already have a clinic and a doctor specialized in assisted human reproduction; you must follow his instructions. You will be recommended specific analyses, all the steps of the procedure, the associated risks, and the costs, which must be explained to you from the beginning.

IVF Treatment Pakistan

The period in which you will do the IVF Cost in Pakistan can be stressful and oppressive, so taking time off from work is advisable to focus on what you have to do.

Financing programs for IVF

The Ministry of Family, Youth, and Equal Opportunities runs the Social Program of national interest to support couples and single people, to increase the birth rate addressed to couples and infertile women.
The financial support is given in the form of two vouchers, one for medical procedures and the second for the drugs in the personalized treatment protocol.

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