Which one is better for racing, Pulsar NS200 or RS200 bike?

Summary – Between the NS 200 and the RS 200, which motorcycle is better at street and track races? Read on to learn the answer!

Bajaj Auto revised the motorcycle manufacturing sector of India by launching the NS 200 and the RS 200. The NS 200 is a streetfighter motorcycle. The RS 200 on the other hand is Bajaj Auto’s premium compact sports bike.

This post, in the following sections, will shine a light on both bikes. And at the end, will explain why the RS 200 is better at street and track races.

The Pulsar NS 200

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is a streetfighter motorcycle. Currently, Bajaj offers this bike in two trims. The base trim is the same as the top trim. The only difference is that the base trim of the bike comes with single-channel ABS.

The top trim Pulsar NS 200 price is Rs. 1, 42,055 and the base trim for the same is Rs. 1, 50,670. Please note that the prices mentioned here are ex-showroom only. The dry weight of the NS 200 is 159.5 KGs and the fuel tank on the bike can hold 12 litres of petrol.

The 2023 iteration of the NS 200 now comes with an inverted front fork suspension and an updated instrument cluster. The programming of the instrument cluster has been updated. This allows the unit to show additional information like gear position, fuel economy, etc. The rest of the bike remains the same. It means that it continues to come with a halogen headlight with twin DRLs. The turn indicators continue to be conventional-style units. The switches are backlit and the tail light remains the LED unit found in the 2022 iteration. The rear wheel is paired with a monoshock. And the bike continues to come with front and rear single disc brakes.

The mechanical specifications of the NS 200 remain unchanged. The bike continues to be powered by a 199 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-valve engine with triple spark technology. The engine is paired with a six-speed gearbox and a wet multiplate clutch. The peak power output of the engine is 24.1 bhp and it unlocks at 9,750 rpm. The peak torque output of the engine is 18.7Nm and it unlocks at 8,000 rpm. The motorcycle is also made to comply with OBD2 diagnostic devices. 

The Pulsar RS 200

The Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 is a fully-faired compact sports bike from the indigenous brand. The current Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 price is Rs. Rs. 1, 71,778 (average ex-showroom price)

The RS 200 comes with an aggressive design language. The latest iteration of the bike continues to get two projector headlamps and two LED pilot lamps. The turn indicators on the bike are borrowed from KTM’s Duke 200. Bajaj has equipped the bike with a sturdy windscreen. The multi-panel fairing on the sides of the bike adds to the menacing look of the bike. The engine cowl is designed to offer some level of aerodynamic support to the bike at cruising speeds. 

The visible perimeter frame also adds to the track-ready side of the RS 200. The fuel tank comes with a sporty design and a cushioned tank pad. The integrated grab bars and outlandishly designed tail light adds to the appeal factor of the bike. The well-designed exhaust unit of the Pulsar RS 200 also makes this motorcycle a head-turner for sure!

The RS 200 gets the same instrument cluster as the NS 200 but with a blue backlight. Dual-channel ABS and illuminated switchgears are also part of the package.

The Pulsar RS 200 is powered by a 200 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. It is a fuel-injected engine with the same bore and stroke as the engine in the NS 200. Hence, the RS 200 also comes with an insane redline of 10, 000 RPM! The peak power output of the engine is 24.2bhp and it unlocks at 9,750rpm. The peak torque output of the engine is 18.6Nm which unlocks at 8,000rpm. Bajaj has electronically limited the top speed of the RS 200 to 151 KMPH. The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox and a wet multiplate clutch.

The handling of the bike is very agile and dynamic. The short wheelbase gels well with the long performance-oriented swingarm. It means that the overall stability of the bike on corners and straight lines is commendable. The bike comes with front and rear single disc brakes paired with dual-channel ABS that offers confidence-inspiring braking performance. 

So, which motorcycle is better when it comes to racing?

Well, experts tend to prefer the RS 200 when it comes to street and track racing. The reason is simple. The RS 200 is a compact sports bike. The short wheelbase of the RS 200 allows a rider to have better command over the motorcycle on corners. The overall straight-line stability of the RS 200 is also superior when compared to the NS 200.

The aggressive riding triangle of the RS 200 also helps a rider to become one with the motorcycle. The aggressive riding triangle also helps to reduce the drag coefficient of the bike. In simple terms, when it comes to acceleration, the RS 200 performs better than the NS 200.

For more details, it would be best that the reader test-rides the motorcycles at the nearest Bajaj bike dealership today!

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