Who is The Best Wicket Keeper in The World?

who is the best wicket keeper in the world

In the game of cricket we often talk about bowler, batter, fielding, etc but one major thing we often forget about it wicket keeper, who plays very important role in the team, and is also a very major factor in deciding the result of the game. 

A wicket keeper must be alert, attentive as well as aware with his responses and should be quick behind the wickets as it can make a difference between a win or a lose in a game. 

You must have also at some point of time wondered who is the best wicket keeper in the world, similarly like you there are many people who want to know about this. 

This is why in this blog we are going to tell you about this by providing you a proper list and relevant data which will help you in learning about it. 

Best Wicket Keepers in The History of the Cricket – 

There have been many amazing wicket keepers in the history of cricket but some have been outstanding and they have made their name in the world because of their extra ordinary performance. 

Below mentioned are some of the fabulous wicket keepers of various teams who have the highest records. 

Name of the playerCountry No. of matches Total dismissals Number of catches Number of Stumpings 
Mark BoucherSouth Africa46799895246
Adam Gilchrist Australia 39690581392
MS DhoniIndia 538829634195
Kumar Sangakkara Sri Lanka 594678539139
Ian Healy Australia28762856068
Quinton de kock South Africa26851147239 
Rob MarshAustralia 18847946316
Brad HaddinAustralia22647444925
Jeff DujonWest Indies 25047444826
Denesh RamdinWest Indies 28446842939

Mark boucher still holds the record of the best keeper who is closely followed by Adam gilchrist and then there is MS Dhoni from India who is the only one from the country. 

After MS Dhoni we can Kumar Sangakkara who is the next one in the list and has helped his team in winning a lot of matches from time to time. 

These are the best wicket keepers which have been there in the history of cricket but if we talk about the best wicket keeper of the current times then Mohammad Rizwan from Pakistan has the best records and considers to be the best wicket as of now. 

Other wicket keepers who are famous in wicket keeping are Rishabh Pant, Butler, etc who are showing very good wicket keeping skills and have worked a lot for their time. 

We hope that the details about the world best wicket keeper in cricket has been helpful and beneficial and constructive for you in learning about the best keepers which were there and which are now playing in cricket. 

We can assure you that the details which we have provided are reliable and you can also share them with other people who need them as well.

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