Why Facebook Followers Matter More Than Likes (And How to Build Them)


So you’ve set up a Facebook business page and started posting content, but now what? Getting a few likes here is excellent, but what matters for social media marketing success are dedicated followers. Why Facebook Followers Matter More Than Likes Followers have opted to see your updates in their newsfeeds and continuously engage with your brand. They’re your tribe, your community, and ultimately your customers.

While likes show people appreciate an individual post, followers show they understand your brand and want to stay up to date with what you’re doing. The good news is, with some time and effort, you can turn casual page likers into loyal followers. It comes down to consistently providing value, engaging your audience, and giving them a reason to follow you. This article shows you several proven strategies to build your follower base and turn social media browsers into lifelong customers—time to stop chasing likes and start making genuine relationships.

The Difference Between Likes and Followers

Likes and followers seem similar, but there’s a big difference. As a business, you must know the distinction to build your audience on Facebook.

  • Likes refer to people who like your Facebook page or a specific post. They may see your content in their newsfeed and like what they see. But that’s usually the end of the interaction. Likes are a good first step, but followers are better.
  • Followers, on the other hand, have opted in to see all of your page updates. They want to stay on top of your latest content, news, and promotions. Followers are more engaged and invested in your brand. They’re most likely to become customers or share your content with friends.

To build real followers:

  1. Post engaging content. Share photos, behind-the-scenes clips, fun facts, and more. Make your content shareable and tag followers when possible.
  2. Run contests and giveaways. Offer followers a chance to win a product or service. This boosts interest in your page and gets more eyes on your content.
  3. Engage with followers. Reply to their comments and messages. Thank them for following and sharing. Mention them in your posts. Make them feel part of your community.
  4. Promote your page—link to your Facebook page from your website, email newsletters, and other social profiles. Offer incentives for people to follow you.
  5. Advertise to boost followers. Facebook ads targeted to your audience can increase followers at a low cost. Even growing one post per week can make a big difference.

With an engaged base of followers, your Facebook page becomes a powerful tool to build brand awareness, drive sales and connect with your target audience. So focus on followers—they’re the ones who will like, share and engage with your brand the most. Buy Facebook Followers UK

Why Facebook Followers Are More Valuable Than Likes

Regarding your Facebook business page, followers matter way more than likes. Here’s why:

  • Followers see your posts. Likes are just a quick click, but followers have opted to connect with your brand and see what you share. They’re much more engaged and likely to interact with your content.
  • Followers drive more traffic. The people who follow you are genuinely interested in your business. When you post updates, share blog posts, or promote events, your followers will click through. Likes alone don’t drive any traffic.
  • Followers lead to more likes and shares. As your follower count grows, more people will see and engage with each post you share. This means more likes, comments, and shares, leading to greater visibility and a more significant following. It’s a virtuous cycle!
  • Followers can turn into customers. The people following your business page have already shown interest in what you offer. Stay engaged with them and provide value; many will eventually become paying customers. Likes typically convert at a different rate.
  • Followers give you insights. You can see info about your followers, like location, age, and interests. Use this to understand your audience better and tailor your content and marketing. You get no such insights from random page likes.

So keep posting great content, running contests and giveaways, engaging with your followers, and making genuine connections. Build that following, and you’ll build a successful Facebook business page. Likes will follow!

How to Build a Following on Facebook

Building an engaged following on Facebook takes time and effort. More than simply posting content and hoping for likes is required. To grow a loyal tribe of followers, focus on providing value and engaging with your audience.

Most Valuable and Engaging Content

Share content that educates, inspires or entertains your target audience. Post tips, behind-the-scenes footage, fun facts, or thought-provoking questions. Keep things upbeat and avoid controversial topics. Ask open-ended questions to spark discussion in the comments. Respond to all comments and questions, even critical ones. Engage with followers by liking and replying to their comments too.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to increase engagement and gain new followers. Offer a free product or service as a prize. To enter, people must like your page, share the post, and tag friends. This exposes your content to new potential followers. Promote the contest in your posts leading up to it to maximize entries.

Cross-Promote on Other Platforms

Don’t limit your marketing to Facebook alone. Cross-promote your page on your website, email newsletters, other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and even in your physical location if you have one. Make it easy for people to find and follow you on Facebook from anywhere. The more places people see your brand and content, the more likely they are to become loyal followers.

Go Live

Facebook Live videos are an authentic way to connect with your audience in real-time. Go live to give followers a behind-the-scenes look at your business, share tips, or host a Q&A. Let followers know when you’ll be live so they can tune in. Live videos also get more views and shares than regular posts, increasing your exposure. Engage with viewers by responding to their comments and questions during the broadcast.

With consistency and time, employing these strategies will help build a thriving community of followers on your Facebook page. Focus on value, engagement, and relationships, not just likes. Your followers will become your brand’s biggest fans and advocates.


So there you have it. Followers are the key to Facebook’s success, not just empty likes. Followers care about your content and business and engage with your posts to further spread your message. The good news is, building up your followers is something other than rocket science. Post great content, engage with your audience, run contests, promote your page, and make it easy for people to follow you. Do that, and watch as your followers grow and your Facebook success skyrockets. The likes will come, but the followers are what matter. Focus on them, and you’ll be well on your way to social media stardom.

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