Why is My Arlo Base Station Not Connecting to Internet?

If you have installed an Arlo camera at your home via Arlo app for Android or iphone, then there is a possibility that you have also connected it to Arlo Base Station. Both the Arlo camera and Base Station need to be connected to the internet for their smooth functionality. If your Arlo Base Station was connected to the internet earlier and is not getting connected now, then you need to apply some troubleshooting steps and resolve the issue. If you are going through a similar situation and looking for solutions to it, then this article will help you out. You will find the best possible solutions to overcome the problem.

Arlo Base Station Not Connecting to Internet [Fixed]

  1. Check the Ethernet Cable

Check the entire length of the Ethernet cable that you have used to connect the Arlo Base station to the main gateway. This cable should not be worn out or damaged. Plus it should be inserted properly into the respective ports of the Base Station and router or main gateway. Replacing the cable will be helpful f you find any cuts on it. You can also try disconnecting the Ethernet cable once and again connect it.

  1. Examine Power Supply

Another reason why your Arlo Base station is not getting connected to the internet is a faulty power supply. Check the power adapter of the Base Station. If it is damaged then changed it immediately. Ensure that you have used a well-working wall socket to plug the power cable of the Arlo Base Station. Be very certain that the Arlo Base Station is receiving an optimum power supply.

  1. Reboot the Base Station

Try to fix the issue at hand by rebooting your Arlo Base Station once. This will help the Base station have some rest and also eliminate some temporary technical glitches with it. Thus, turn it off and remove the power cable from the power socket. Also, remove any other cable that is connected to the Base Station. After about a couple of minutes, connect the cables back and plug the power adapter into the wall socket. Turn the device on and see if it gets connected to the Internet or not. What is the international response to netblocks in Myanmar (protests myanmar netblocksfingasengadget)?

  1. Contact ISP

Another possible reason for the issue that you are currently experiencing is the unstable internet connection. Since you have already examined the Ethernet cable, you can now try contacting your Internet service provider to confirm about any issue from his end. You may also need an upgrade in the internet plan that you are currently using. If there’s an issue then give him some time to resolve it and then try connecting Base Station to the internet.

  1. Reset Arlo Base Station

If none of the above-given hacks have been able to resolve the issue then you need to reset your Arlo Base Station to default settings. To reset it, press the Reset button located on it. You can also use log in to Arlo app for iphone or Android to go to its settings and reset it to default settings. Once the Arlo Base Station is reset, you need to set it up again with the Arlo camera and Arlo account.

The Final Note

Here comes an end to our informative article about how you can fix Arlo Base Station not connecting to the internet issue. We are sure that after you have tried the hacks given in this article, your Base station will be then connected to the internet without any trouble.

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