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Renub Research has recently published a report titled “Wireless Router Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2023-2028,” providing a comprehensive analysis of the industry that includes market share insights. In addition, the report comprises competitor and regional research and contemporary extension in the Wireless Router Market. Wireless Router Industry shall experience a CAGR of nearly 8.30% from 2022 to 2028.The wireless router market has grown significantly due to the rising demand for high-speed internet connectivity for work, study, and entertainment has led to the need for advanced wireless routers that offer faster and more reliable internet connections.

Additionally, the growing number of connected devices in homes and businesses has increased the demand for routers that can support multiple devices simultaneously. For instance, Ericsson Mobility Report 2021 projects that approximately 3.5 billion 5G subscriptions, which account for around 40% of all mobile subscriptions, will be present globally by the end of 2026.Furthermore, the popularity of smart home devices and remote work has further contributed to this growth in the wireless router market. Also, the advancements in technology, such as Wi-Fi and mesh networking systems, have encouraged consumers to upgrade their routers, offering faster speeds, better connectivity, and broader coverage, leading to growth in the wireless routers market. 

Tri-band routers gained popularity in the Wireless Router Market as they can support more Devices and Offer Faster, more Reliable Connections

With the growing number of connected devices in homes and businesses, especially in larger households and offices, traditional dual-band routers may need help to provide sufficient bandwidth for all devices. Tri-band routers, on the other hand, offer an additional 5GHz band, allowing more devices to connect simultaneously without compromising the speed and performance of the network; this has made tri-band routers a popular choice for consumers seeking to upgrade their home or office network to support a more significant number of devices.

Wireless Router market has seen a dominant presence in the Healthcare Industry, attributed to the Growing Utilization of Telehealth and other Digital Healthcare Technologies

The demand for high-speed and reliable wireless networks has increased as healthcare providers move towards more digital and remote care delivery methods. In addition, healthcare organizations require secure and HIPAA-compliant networks to transmit sensitive patient information, and wireless routers play a crucial role in providing the necessary connectivity for these applications.

Moreover, the need for robust wireless networks has become even more critical with IoT devices and wearables in healthcare settings, such as monitoring devices and smart beds leading to healthcare organizations investing in advanced wireless routers to support their digital infrastructure and ensure reliable connectivity for their staff and patients.

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Asia shall register a Staggering Growth Rate in the Wireless Router Market

The wireless router market in Asia has seen substantial growth due to factors such as the increasing internet penetration rates and smartphone adoption in the region, which have led to a growing demand for high-speed internet connectivity in homes and businesses. E-commerce and online streaming services have also contributed to the need for faster and more reliable internet connections, which advanced wireless routers can provide.

In addition, the popularity of smart home devices has led to a greater need for wireless routers that can support multiple devices. The emergence of new technologies, such as Wi-Fi 6 and mesh networking systems, has also encouraged consumers to upgrade their home networks, driving the growth of the wireless router market in the region.

Competitive Landscape:

Comcast, Cisco, Lumen Technology, AT&T, Verizona, Charter Communications, Viasat, and Netgear are the competitors in the Wireless Router Market. Competition in the wireless router market is fuelled by several factors, including the fast-paced growth of the market, the abundance of choices for consumers, the surge in demand for high-speed internet connectivity and connected devices, the focus on research and development, and the decreasing cost of routers, making them more accessible to consumers.

Market Summary:

  • Component – The Report covers Wireless Router Market, by component in 3 viewpoints (Single Band Wireless Router, Dual Band Wireless Router and Tri Band Wireless Router).
  • End-User – By end-user, the Wireless Router Market, breakup in 6 viewpoints (BFSI, Government, IT & Telecom, Retail, Healthcare and Other).
  • Region – The Report covers Wireless Router Market, by region in 6 viewpoints (North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia).
  • Key Players – All the major players have been covered from 3 Viewpoints (Overview, Recent Developments, and Sales Analysis) Comcast, Cisco, Lumen Technology, AT&T, Verizona, Charter Communications, Viasat, and Netgear.

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