10 Best New Game Plus Build In God of War: Ragnarok


Do you want your NG+ run to be more difficult, or do you just want to kill everything in your way? This is the best way to build in God of War: Ragnarok.

In many games with a “build” system, guns and armor that were useful early in the game can become useless late in the game. Even though you might only have a short time to play with your new toys, New Game Plus modes can make up for that, and luckily, God of War Ragnarok is no exception.

In God of War Ragnarok, NG+ lets you try out any build right from the start of the game. This means that builds will be used a lot. You’ll also get a lot of late-game resources from NG+, so you can switch builds a lot.

Sparta Set

Sparta Set

The Sparta set is the hardest build to make. In NG+’s first shop, you can buy a set of armor with no stats and a set of handles for each weapon that don’t add any stats. Unfortunately, you will need to wear a shield and rond with stats on them in order to protect yourself.

Games like this need a “challenge mode” for people who are really committed, and this is like a “level one build with a bad attitude.” In NG+, enemies start at level 7, so you’re not even off to a slow start.

Full Runic: Giptumadr’s Chest

Full Runic: Giptumadr's Chest

From 2018 to Ragnarok, runic builds were nerfed, but they’ve really just been made less “game-breaking” so that other builds can shine. You can still build runic sets in different ways, but Giptumadr’s chest is one of the best. When used, it has a modest chance to reduce the cooldown of a runic attack by 70%. Combine that with the spiritual set to give any weapon attack a chance to have its delay cut.

Lastly, for enchantments, you should wear the Seal of Runic Storm. This will start a Bifrost storm if you use the runic attacks of three different weapons quickly after each other, or in about six seconds. This seems like a short amount of time, but you’ll often trigger this storm without even trying.

Mani’s Wisdom

Mani's Wisdom

The extinguishing flame and vaporizing frost abilities can be unlocked very early on in God of War: Ragnarok game. They increase the elemental damage done by a weapon if the enemy is affected by the opposite status effect. So enemies that are on fire will take more damage from frost and vice versa.

With the Mani’s Wisdom set, which makes these two effects do more damag. You can really make the most of this. The waist and wrist bonus will make status effects last longer, and the Vanaheim charm bonus will make all damage done to enemies with status effects do more damage. This build needs a bit of micromanagement, but when your buffs line up, it can eat limbs.

Time Warp

Time Warp

There are different kinds of things in God of War: Ragnarok game that can trigger a realm shift in different ways. This build makes use of all of them to send your enemies back in time. The backbone, on the other hand, is the enchantment of the symbol of the nine realms. Which makes all damage done during a realm shift worse.

If you dodge at the right time, the bonus from the brilliance set will let you change realms. The rond of the nine worlds gives one person the ability to parry. The hilt of the nine worlds on each weapon gives a realm shift when the weapon gauge ability is used. And the hilt of Hofud on a relic gives a realm shift on demand. The chest piece is open, but it works well with the berserker or guiding light chest pieces.

Hilt Of Skofnung Spam

Hilt Of Skofnung Spam

This build is very repetitive, but it’s a lot of fun. Have you ever wished you could play God of War as a wizard? This build is all about using the hilt of Skofnung to call ghost swords. That you can use to beat up enemies and stacking as much cooldown as you can.

If you want to spam ghost swords, you should use Giptunadr’s chest plate. Which has a chance to quickly restore 70 percent of the cooldown. Then, put on the berserker set bonus so that every move, hit. And parry has a chance to also shorten the cooldown. This chance will be used by the swords to lower their own cooldowns.

Hunter’s Set

Hunter's Set

The whole point of the hunter’s set is to use your thrown weapons. This build might have trouble with some bosses, but it will stun-lock and kill most other enemies. When you aim down sights for long enough, the set gives you a ranged damage buff. And the set bonus makes ranged damage better overall.

To make this even better, wear the Midgard enchantment bonus to do more damage at a distance based on your cooldown. And the Asgard enchantment bonus to make all triangle abilities do more damage. Since triangle makes axe throws stronger and spear throws explode, you will often use triangle skills after spamming ranged attacks.

Black Bear Set

Black Bear Set

Another build that is only available in NG+ is the black bear set. Fans have been dying to wear the outfit Kratos wears at the beginning of Eggy Car game before he loses it in the first cut scene.

Luckily, the set isn’t just for fashion. It would be fine if it did, but the chest piece also causes a barrage of Bifrost missiles when you dodge at the last second. The set bonus makes your next close-range attack stronger after you dodge. So dodge attacks will be your main source of damage. Be sure to also unlock the extra skills for your dodge strikes.

Berserker Build

Berserker Build

The berserker set makes an amazing risk-reward build that pays you far more often than it punishes you. After using a relic, the berserker chest piece gives you a huge damage boost at the cost of taking more damage. The set bonus lowers relic cooldowns randomly when you get hit by a weapon, take damage, or parry.

The most popular relics to run with this are the talisman of Meign. Which increases damage, or the hilt of Hofud, which lets you switch realms. The realm shift is a little bit broken because it gives you a free chance to take damage and cancels out a few seconds when you should be more exposed.

Blessing Of The Nine Realms

Blessing Of The Nine Realms

The blessing of the nine realms build is based on an Easter egg buff that you can get if you land nine moves in a row without getting hit and have one of each realm’s enchantment in your enchantment slots (e.g., one Midgard enchantment, one Vanaheim enchantment, etc.). The buff itself increases the damage done by physical attacks while permafrost, immolation, or maelstrom are in effect.

This is a very specific and window-heavy build, but when done right, it does a lot of damage. When you’re ready to use your weapon’s power. The hilts of the nine realms will give you a free realm shift. The eternal pyres set bonus also speeds up how fast they charge. After using your triangle ability, use the berserker chest and hilt of Hofud to make a more powerful realm shift by combining them.

Lunda’s Set

Lunda's Set

This build focuses on bare-fist attacks to poison enemies, which lowers their level by one and makes them much weaker. This can get you through even the hardest problems with only a little work.

To make it even stronger, the full set bonus does more damage to poisoned enemies. Or you can switch to the dragon scale bonus to do more damage to shields, since half of all fist hits are shield bashes. The cherry on top of this wet cake is that you can use the Vanaheim enchantment bonus to do more damage to enemies with status effects and the Svartleheim bonus to do more damage to enemies that are stunned. Make them smell bad and kill them.

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