People who play video games that involve the prevention or investigation of criminal activity believe that criminal activity is never worthwhile. Particularly those who put themselves in the position of a law enforcement officer. In addition, there are individuals who value upholding the purity of the legal system. On the other hand, not all games need you to uphold the law while posing as male characters in uniforms of crime game. There are situations in which you might be granted permission to exercise vigilante justice. At other times, you may be offered the opportunity to serve the community as a true-blue, a member of the true-blooded men in blue.

If you’ve been aching to become a Video Game-5-0, I’ve compiled a list of the top five games that you should play and am asking for your opinion on them. In addition, these aren’t just harmless games at all. These are free games that may be downloaded onto your personal computer and played there. Sort through hundreds of challenging puzzles and discover your way out of the confusing maze that is June’s Journey!

Crime Game 1: Rope Hero: Vice Town

The player takes on the role of an average citizen, possibly before he makes the choice to become a vigilante. He is the type of person who volunteers for the job of maintaining peace by using his boundless supply of rope and his brains. Rope Hero: Vice Town is a third-person shooter in 3D that also has aspects of role-playing games here and there.

It is up to you to clean up the city that the Rope Hero refers to as the epicentre of criminal activity. You accomplish this by accepting quests, which put you in situations where you have to battle gangsters and other diverse evils that are ruining the city. You will achieve fame and recognition as a result of doing this. It will enable you to take on additional missions and fight against bosses that are more difficult.

Crime Game 2: Real Stickman Crime

Another type of action game, Real Stickman Crime places you in the role of the “hero” stick figure, who fights crime. Numerous video games have been developed based on the Stickman character and genre due to its widespread popularity. This Stickman game, on the other hand, is played in a 3D setting and has elements that are reminiscent of GTA V.


This is an action game with a lot of content and options to choose from. Stickman can be made to move around by swinging from one building to the next. You also have the option of dressing the Stickman in varied garb, arming him with a variety of weapons, and driving a variety of vehicles. Sort through hundreds of challenging puzzles and discover your way out of the confusing maze that is June’s Journey!

You, on the other hand, take on the role of the commander of a group of “angry bandits” in this game, which is different from the previous games. There’s a chance it’s a retelling of the Robin Hood tale. It is a place where you assist Stickman in his battle against the wealthy in order to donate to the less fortunate.

Crime Game 3: CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI: Hidden Crimes is a video game adaptation of the popular television series CSI, which follows amateur detectives as they attempt to solve a variety of criminal cases. You can become a forensic or criminal investigator by downloading the game onto your personal computer and taking on the task it presents. Just like the ones we see on TV.

Throughout the entirety of the game, you will receive requests from various characters as they search various crashes for a variety of items. You will have hints as to what it is that you are trying to find. To begin, it consists of the body of a victim, a basketball, and a flight manifest. Help solve the case alongside the original characters of the series as you look for evidence and figure out what happened.

Crime Game 4: Sniper 3D

In Sniper 3D on Drift Boss, you should get ready to engage in intense fights and other action-packed sequences. You are going to take on the role of a sniper in this game. You must be prepared and capable of eliminating targets in the order in which they are designated. If you keep your sights on the objective, you will complete the mission without suffering any casualties.


You play the role of a law-abiding assassin in this setting, however the objectives of the game demand you to eliminate a variety of targets. You can choose to play the game offline or online in order to hone your skills and increase your arsenal in preparation for continuing to do your job effectively. Sort through hundreds of challenging puzzles and discover your way out of the confusing maze that is June’s Journey!

Crime Game 5: June’s Journey – Hidden Objects

Objects is without a doubt one of the greatest currently available, and it is very comparable to CSI in terms of how quests may be finished. In this location, you are tasked with uncovering concealed items in order to solve puzzles that at first glance appear to be unsolvable. The fact that this game is set in the 1920s, an era in which noir crime was prevalent, is one of the best things about it.


As June Parker attempts to uncover a family mystery that could have catastrophic consequences, she is plunged into a web of complicated intrigue. As you search for clues and uncover previously unknown scandals, you can visit luxurious mansions and maybe even find love along the road. Sort through hundreds of challenging puzzles and discover your way out of the confusing maze that is June’s Journey!

To commit a crime, one need not resort to physical force. It might only require a skilled marksman who can fire accurately from a distance of one mile or further. It’s also possible that you’ll need a sharp-eyed detective who can figure out what a clue means if it’s shown to them in the correct place and at the appropriate time. It doesn’t matter what kind of detective or law enforcement agent you are; if you have a hunger for righting wrongs, these games will definitely satisfy your craving. In addition, you might be able to change the world for the better in the course of the process.

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